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Apr 27, 2007 09:31 AM

Best PASTA downtown?

Where's the best place downtown to get a decent bowl of pasta. Al dente pasta.

--Carbonara, linguine w/ clams, etc., etc.


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  1. I useto like Zucca for the cockles and linguine but I'm still on the mends from my last visit there.
    Capperii has good pasta in little tokyo, Pasta primavera on 7th near grand is prettyy good too(lunch only) Colori is great too, great meatballs and pasta, lunch only but dinner on Fridays and Saturday. I imagine folks will throw L'angolo into the mix too, on 9th.

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    1. re: afs

      Still on the mends? Hmmm. Sounds serious.

      1. re: afs

        I will indeed recommend L'angolo. Last time I tried their Linguine Mare and the pasta was cooked while not perfectly al dente, it was still pretty good. Pasta Primavera, from all the times I've tried, is gross and the pasta is definitely WAY past al dente.

        1. re: baloney

          My vote goes to Colori Kitchen on 7th. Good Italian comfort food. Very friendly neighborhood vibe. Casual.

          Only open for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays.

          1. re: 9thandBroadway

            Thanks, Everyone! Yes, al dente is pretty important to me. Nothing more gross than mushy pasta. Cheers!

            1. re: Liquid Sky

              I'll put a vote in for Bella Cuccina at Fig and Olympic, too, though I like Primavera.

      2. If you realy enjoy pasta try PRIMA pasta, the best pasta , it tatstes just like home made and it does not need fancy sauces .

        1. I just ate at Colori Kitchen again last night. This pasta is right out of Italy. The Rigatoni Melanzane was dente and a side salad with fresh bill under $9.00. They are only open for dinner on Thurs, Fri, Saturday and weekdays for lunch. Great atmosphere as well...brick walls, good music and great people. The perfect local, reasonably priced restaurant that stresses quality of food. It is on the same block as the Golden Gopher (another great downtown gem).

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            Sounds good, Robert. Sometimes you just want to go to a local trattoria and wolf down a great bowl of pasta... Ciao!