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Best Moules frite?

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I've recently started eating Moule Frite and I can't get enough. I would love to hear what you guys think are the yummiest.... I would prefer locations anywhere from santa monica to downtown. TIA

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  1. Cafe des Artistes in Hollywood has a respectable version.

    1. of my recent tries, the moules frites at the village idiot was nasty, over salted, over cooked, low quality moules.

      the ones at tasca on third were great.
      as was the one at traxx, done in a slightly more untraditional preparation. with pasta and a tomatoey broth.

      both the last two were delicious...

      1. Believe it or not - Morels in the Grove serves up a good version of moules in a tasty broth - a least they pull out the unopened ones - not so with the Moules Frites at Kendall's Brasserie downtown. The frites at Morels were thin and crispy. Don't forget a glass of champagne to complete the experience!

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          Great call, Barrider. While Morels naysayers may become apoplectic, you are entirely correct that Morels' moules frites flat-out rocque. The fetching Mme Grubbe & I have spent many a delightful day with an early movie followed by luncheon moules frites at Morels. In fact, we too indulge in a nicely priced btl of bubbly with the little devils. Get this -- they serve so many of 'em & care so much about their quality that on one occasion, we couldn't get them because Morels turned away the day's shipment as inferior. As an aside, the country roast beast sandwich ain't half bad either.

        2. Figaro Bistro in Los Feliz makes excellent mussels and although the fries come on the side, they are still damn good. Oddly enough, I also like the version that Cafe Santorini makes.

          1. You can't get ENOUGH Moule Frites?

            How about ALL-You-Can-Eat for $14.95. Every Wednesday, 24 hr. advance notice, at a very under appreciated French in Westwood (scroll to bottom):


            1. I'm partial to the moules frites at Lilly's on Abbot Kinney in Venice. The mussels are nice and fresh!

              1. I've had very good moules frites at La Frite in Woodland Hills. And not too expensive, either. And a VERY large portion -- enough that Ms. O and I were happily satisfied after splitting a small Caesar salad (also very good) and a single order of mussels.

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                  The same is true of the moules frite at La Frite in Sherman Oaks. That is one of my favorite items on their menu.

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                    Exactly so, the frites are just the right size (small but not matchsticks), crisp and dusted with salt and HOT! Ozhead is right-the portion is huge-enough for two. La Frite is one of my fav restaurants-great to drop in on-not ptretentious. Wish they had one in the South Bay.

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                    can you get just the firtes? I'm allergic to moules!

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                      Yes. They might come as a side order, but you also can get their frites with any of their burgers -- more like chopped steak served open face. I love the burger covered with sauteed garlic and served with a broiled tomato.

                  3. Jar. They are plump and flavorful. And the fries are perfect.

                    1. the ones i had at luna park (la brea near wilshire) were delicious!

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                        I love the Luna Park moules frites too! And Mimosa (on Beverly) has a special "moules frites" night on Tuesday, where you can choose from half a dozen styles of sauce for your mussels and get a big plate of crispy fries for $17.50.

                      2. I've had very good ones at Cafe Stella in Silver Lake.

                        1. I'll bet Suzanne Goin makes some great ones at either Lucques or AOC!!!

                          1. I often order them at Bowrey, although last time I was there I wasn't crazy about the mussels. It seemed like a Thai-tomato broth, and I was more in the mood for the wine, garlic, etc. If you're feeling adventurous at Bowrey you can get sweet potato fries, or a combination.

                            I also vote for La Poubelle on Franklin and Figaro Cafe on Vermont (overall I think this place is overpriced for what it is though, and the staff are slow and snobby).

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                              La Poubelle is unfortunately very erratic. Not worth the gamble IMHO.

                            2. Try Fraiche on Culver and Main in Culver City. I had them last night at their grand opening and they were fantastic. I think they are only availabel on the bar menu however.

                              1. didn't realize there were this many places in town for moules frites. let's narrow it down a bit... is there anything here similar in spirt to the moules frites at leon des bruxelles in france? it's a pretty chainy place, but i really loved their big vats of moules a la creme, moules l'ardennaise, etc. with all those bits of bacon and celery stewing in the goodness. if any of these aforementioned places or any new ones you can think of might satisfy me... would greatly appreciate the tip!