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Apr 27, 2007 09:08 AM

The Sweeter Side of Sonoma & Mendocino?

Some friends and I are heading up to Sonoma and Medocino for a wine country jaunt. One member of the group is a pastry chef eager to check out great in the area. What's recommended in the way or bakeries, boulangeries, patisseries, and restaurant dessert menus in the area? A variety of price ranges and vibes welcome.

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  1. Basque Boulangerie is the local fave in Sonoma Plaza.. always packed though, the tourists finally caught on.

    Model Bakery is another classic, in St. Helena. Stay away from the savoury stuff though.

    If you like Indian you must try Taste of the Himilayas in Sonoma Plaza as well. Not for dessert, just for excellent Indian food.

    1. If "on the way up" qualifies, then stop at Flour Chylde Baking Company in Old Town in Novato. It's one of the very best pastry bakeries I've ever been to.

      Flour Chylde Baking Company
      850 Grant Avenue
      Closed Monday

      1. Artisan Bakers has some nice pastries at their shop / cafe. You can find their breads all over the Bay Area but the sweet items I've seen only there.

        If you're passing near Petaluma, Della Fattoria is worth a detour.

        Mendocino is discussed on the California board: