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Apr 27, 2007 08:54 AM

Norwalk CT area restaurants/groceries/butchers

Moving from the West Village to Norwalk CT area for my husband's job. We're excited to leave the city for lots of reasons, but are a little worried about the restaurant and food-shopping options (mostly food-shopping at this point because we have a 3-week old daughter). Any recommendations?

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  1. Welcome to CT!
    A couple nice choices in Norwalk - Strada18 for casual Italian good food - fun atmosphere - Pasta Nostra for GREAT Italian - reservations a must, still pretty casual and the new Gingerman has also gotten great buzz...

    1. Welcome to Stew Leonard country.

      1. Hi Amy, Trust me it could be MUCH worse food shopping wise.

        Stews is great for Meat/fish/veg, Penzey's for spices about 1/4 mile east. 1/2 mile east of that just over the line with Westport is Wild Oats.

        Westport has Stiles Farm Market which has good deals on fruit, veggies & herbs. Darien has a goo Cheese shop in the goodwives shopping center. There is an asian market on Rt. 123 in Norwalk - they carry Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, chinese food items.

        Some Restaurants:
        Fiesta Limena - Connecticut Ave in Best Buy Plaza (Peruvian Food)
        Village Gourmet or Shanghai Gourmet are VERY good for take out
        Duchess is a good cook to order hamburger & fry joint (darien & norwalk)

        I think you'll be ok :)

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          Thanks everyone! Looking forward to trying these. Amy

        2. I love the Silvermine Tavern on the north side of Norwalk. It is an old place next to a waterfall in a beautiful setting, and it has good traditional American food at mostly reasonable prices. Lots of room and fairly quiet, too, so it's pretty family-friendly.

          1. Amy,

            Welcome! Like the others have said, Stew's is a Norwalk haven, Wild Oats is up the road and Stop & Shop for other needs is on Connecticut Avenue and Rte7 so you should be ok.

            Tons of great restaurants in SoNo, they change all the time so worth visiting. New to SoNo are Bulldog and Gingerman and some old favorites include Ocean Drive, Chocopologie (great chocolate/cafe and I hear they are getting a liquor license soon).

            Smaller lesser known places include Overton's (seafood joint on the water with a patio and benches to enjoy your fried clams or burgers), right up the street from there you will find Mister Frosty's (new ice cream place). On Wall Street you will find Fat Cat (great thin crust pizza and wine bar). Via Sforza on Wesport avenue has great Italian food and just moved to a beautiful new location (has take out too).

            If you like smaller international food places (arepas and Venezuelan food) try Valencia cafe on Main Ave. If you like Tapas the popular place is Barcelona in Norwalk but also try La Paella down off of Wall Street. Like fondue? Try the melting pot in Darien. Japanese/Habachi--Sakura in Westport. Good Italian butcher/sandwiches/ready made food- Try A&S off New Canaan Avenue over by Brook’s Pharmacy.


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              Hi Iglorena,
              Thanks so much for your response. We just found a place to live and it's very close to Stew Leonard's, so I'm sure I'll be there all the time. All your recs sound terrific, especially A & S; we are leaving the Ottomanelli brothers behind and need some good Italian butchers to try to take their place, although I doubt that is possible...