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Apr 27, 2007 08:32 AM

Gas station BBQ & CATFISH between Tyler and Jacksonville?

Some years ago i stopped between Tyler,and Jacksonville ,at a small gas station on the east side of the road,i think it was a Chevron,or maybe an Exxon ,that had a smoker, and a small deli inside,they had exceptional brisket,and easily the best fried catfish i have ever have eaten,i know this info is vague,but i would love to find this place again,does it sound familiar to anyone?,if so would you please give it's location, another thing i remember was that it was mostly dirt parking around the store,the only concrete was around the gas pumps,thanks.

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  1. You know I grew up in Jacksonville and up until a couple of years ago drove hwy 69 all the time back and forth between Tyler and Jacksonville and I don't have a clue what you're talking about. Do you remember which town it was closest to?

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      I have lived in Tyler for more than 25 years and go back and forth on that route several times a month. I have no idea what that place might be, either.

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        Sorry i cant remember, i do know it was in more of a country setting,there was an area for semi's to pull up in the dirt in front of the place,thats why i was there i was way early to p-u in jax ,and pulled over at that station to sleep a couple of hours in the early very early a.m. and the smell from the smoker about drove me crazy,so i stopped on the way back,and glad i did,as i said the brisket was excellent ,but that fresh fried catfish...oh my!,all i can tell you is they were on the north bound,or east side of the highway....sorry i dont know more...oh one other thing the "deli" if you will was in the north end of the building,and if i remember was painted yellow, with red seats inside.

      2. In the hope that the place is still there, I'd say the most likely chance is Stop & Shop #2, attached to the only Exxon (and apparently former Chevron) I was able to find between Jacksonville and Tyler. Its address is 19360 US Highway 69 S, in Flint, and the satellite maps don't show a lot of blacktop or concrete there. It looks like it changed ownership in 2006, but I don't know if that would affect food selections.

        There are also a Diamond Shamrock and a Texaco in Bullard. All the other gas stations I see are too close to one city or the other to really be between them.

        If you end up looking it up again (and finding it), please let us know if it's as good as you remember.

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          I believe the place you are thinking of is between J'ville and Alto going towards Lufkin?? They have a huge smoker out front w a red clay parking lot....on West side of 69 if you are going South.....