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Favorite Ice cream, Sno Cone, or Gelato??

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The weather is getting warmer, and I thought I might poll everyone about their favorite spots for cool treats here in town.

Of course there are the usual suspects: Amy's, Chain places (Ben and Jerry's, Sonic, Baskin Robbins), etc. But where do you go when you want a cool treat?

I'm partial to the gelato at Teo's (esp. the 38th st. location....but the Texpresso on campus, which carries their products, and the Tech Ridge store are ok in a pinch). Everything I've had there has been good, but my favorite was an xmas flavor they had, ginger snap. Creamy, decadent, and just the right blend of cookie crumbs and gingery flavor.

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  1. If I want a sugar bomb, I go for a Sno-Ball at Casey's New Orleans (51st and Airport). Yummy and CHEAP.

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      On a side note, Casey's also has some sugar free flavors. coconut, banana, strawberry, pineapple, and wild cherry. When I can;t handle the sugur rush of a peach/wild cherry snoball, I go for the sugar free ones.

    2. I adore the vanilla bean affogato (sp?) at Teo's. I also appreciate the fact that they have a nutella flavour. Amy's ice cream is a bit chewy for my tastes (I know, i know, blasphemy). I'm also partial to the old Sno-Beach shaved ice carts (a la 34th and Guad)...usually get the most sour combo they offer which, I believe to be one half pink lemonade with one half sangria. Their pina-colada with cream's not bad either, and the grapefruit is refreshing in the summer. Can anyone recommend a place with a good REAL pistachio gelato, i wonder? I heard mandola's makes an okay one but havent tried it yet

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        Have you tried Teo's Pistachio? It's pretty nice. I can't remember if I tried it at Mandola's, if I did it didn't make a lasting impression.

        Hope that helps.

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          Hmm, thanks Tacha, i actually haven't given their pistachio a try yet. I'm on it. I'll report back when I do. I wonder if La Dolce Vita's is any good; might have to stop there also, for comparison's sake.

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            I actually had the pistachio the last time I bought a take home tub from Teo's. I thought it was really tasty. Just the right amount of pistachio pieces. Although, I wouldn't consider myself a pistachio expert.

      2. If you're ever on Far West Blvd., there's a little place in the strip mall called Kneaded Pleasures that makes 8 to 10 flavors of gelato everyday. I had it once and thought it was really good. And hey, while you're over here, there's a sno-cone stand in the corner of that same parking lot that seems to do great business during the summer.

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          I love the gelato at Kneaded Pleasures, but I don't get to go as often as I would like. They got rid of my favorite flavor (some strawberry swirl thing) as well=(. I not a big fan of the snow cone stand there, though. Not enough sugary syrup=0! Anyone know of a place where you can get Hawaiian Shaved Ice here? Ice cream topped with shaved ice. Yum!

        2. Personally, I'm really bummed that *both* locations of La Paleteria have apparently closed. A new one is open further north, according to their website...may have to go stock up:
          Cajeta Membrillo, Mango Chile, Cantaloupe, Chamoy, Tamarind, Leche Quemada....
          They truly made last summer endurable, whatever will I do?
          NOT buy the paletas from El Chile, I'll tell you that much. Bad. Inedible bad.

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            La Paleteria is located in the striptastic area of Parmer and I35...north bound feeder on the far north end. The last time I drove past (maybe a week ago) it appeared to be open.

          2. I really like Gelato's on Bee Caves Road. They have a delicious raspberry gelato.

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              "Gelato's".... Is that the same chain as the new gelato place that just opened up on Campus near veggie heaven, I wonder? I think that may simply be called Gelato's as well. I wonder if anyone has tried that place...? I searched the boards for a thread on it but didn't find any posts. Nothing seems to survive in that location, but I'm hoping it'll be good. Hmm, maybe that's where I go for "lunch" today.

            2. I agree with bookgrrl - Casey's New Orelans Snowballs on Airport & 51st is the best snow cone stand I've ever been to.. Shaved ice with some unique flavors such as Chocolate, Boston Cream Pie, Egg Nogg, and Wedding Cake (that tastes just like the real thing). Their toppings include condensed milk, cream, caramel, whipped cream, etc. Wedding cake with cream is one of my favorite flavor/topping combinations. Apple and caramel is close second. This place is awesome. I HIGHLY recommend trying their snow cones.

              1. Can we add Italian Ice to this list? My wife (from Philly) says that Sno Cones are nothing compared to italian ice!

                That being said, I've only had one italian ice, and I sort of agree.

                She went to Central Market yesterday and happened to have gelato - claimed that it was some of the best she's had down here. I was a bit surprised, but I trust her opinion.

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                  Really? I live very near to CM...I have just been wary of trying their gelato for some reason. That's good to know.... I tried the new place on Guad today by veggie heaven. It's not Gelato's, its called Gelati something or other, and its near Coco's and that new Popcorn shop sort of. Anyway, stay away. For the real test, I sampled the pistachio. The nuts tasted.....soft. Blech. I don't know how else to describe it. I sampled the hazelnut, and it seemed bearable (just hazelnut flavoured, not chunks), so I purchased a half chocolate half hazelnut to make my own "Nutella." The chocolate was really dark looking, but when I tasted it, it almosted had a nestle quick-ish flavour. I didn't spit it out or anything, but it was not what I was expecting. The woman at the counter was superfriendly; she said they will have an espresso bar there very soon when I expressed my wish for an affogato, but when I asked her if they make the gelato in-house she said no, that they "purchase it..." and then she sort of trailed off. I hate to complain, but I will definitely stick to my Teo's and also try CM for this gelato kick I'm on.

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    I agree. Both Central Market and Whole Foods, at least the one downtown, have gelato cases that have some excellent gelato. Both have interesting flavors that change often. If WF has anything with heat (jalapeno chocolate, or maybe serrano) it is very interesting.

                    1. re: rollledspleen

                      The gelato stands in CM are outposts of Pacuigo, which is a Dallas-based company. Pacuigo was started by a very nice Italian family and I find their product to be above average, but not earth shattering. It is creamy and has a nice texture, but the flavors are not as deep/rich as I would like. I worry that their expansion outside of Dallas may affect the qaulity of the product. They also have a store in the 2nd street district across from Joe's.

                      1. re: Honey Bee

                        Honey Bee, how interesting that you should say this.... I was chatting w/one of the young ladies working at fuse box the other day and she overheard me talking about gelato...she said she used to work at a place over on 2nd st. that had really great gelato, and I remembered it started with a "P" but couldnt think of the name. Thank you! Well, I'm glad to know I can just run over to CM to taste it rather than trudging downtown. I actually looked at the gelato when I was at CM the other day, but it looked "shiny." My friend has been telling me that gelato should not be shiny, so I refrained; figured I'd try them another day. I wonder if that's true? Also walked over to the "Mini Teo's" inside the Texas Espresso on campus the other day to see if it's comparable to "Real Teo's." It was 1:30PM and the gelato case was TOTALLY EMPTY! The woman at the counter informed me that they had "not made the gelato yet today" but they would have some later. Hmm. I was hungry, sweaty from trekking over there from my building in this heat, and, oh so very sad... Don't know if I'll bother to go back, I was so frustrated by that...sigh.

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                          I work on campus and have not made it over to the Mini Teo's. Matter of fact, I didn't even know it was there until a few weeks ago. I'll have to walk over there one day...when I'm not in heels!

                  2. Sno Beach truck - two locations - 34th and Guadalupe, and another down south Lamar near the P Terrys

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                      Sad news (to me) the Sno Beach on South Lamar is gone. I think they are the best in town, but the gas station where they parked is now gone and so is the beautiful purple, sunglass wearing snowball.

                      1. re: Crossctry diner

                        I think they just moved down Barton Springs a piece. I've seen a Sno Beach near Wanfu Too, about as close to Zilker park as you can get without crossing the creek.

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                          There is also another Sno Beach location on Guadalupe in the parking lot of the pawn shop at 34th.

                      2. Is there such a thing as a sno cone with natural syrups? Specifically no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, etc? I would love that.

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                          Last year, I had an organic shaved ice at the Sunset Valley Farmers' Market. Sold by the same couple that sell the roasted peanuts -- now that it's getting warmer, I expect they'll start selling shaved ices again soon.

                        2. Pacuigo has a great display of gelato product. And, the gelato itself is quite nice (not the best I've ever had but made up for with the range of flavors and beautiful showcase). Great place to really reward/treat the kids.

                          1. Jim-Jim's Water Ice! "Water Ice" is another name for Italian Ices. Way better than any sno cone (although Sno Beach is pretty good) and made with real fruit (extremely well pureed) rather than artificially flavored syrup. Black cherry with cream on top is my fave so far.
                            It's on 6th St, about a block west of I-35, and they have little stands at Barton Springs and the downtown Farmer's Market.

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                              We had a black raspberry at the Farmer's Market. My wife said it was "pretty good and hit the spot." Good fruit flavor. She hates and form of Sno Cone with syrup - they are "fake" versions of water ice to her.

                              1. re: rudeboy

                                That's funny. I always thought of them as fake versions of a raspa. I've seen raspas made from ice hand-shaved from a block in San Antonio in front of the Alamo, but I can't recall having seen one in Austin. The flavor can be similar, but it's a different texture.

                                Is there anywhere I can look to find such a treat in town?

                                1. re: Knoblauch

                                  Hmmm - there's a Raspas stand on Anderson lane in a cart, somewhere near Woodrow. I'm off today, and I live nearby. Maybe I'll try it out, as I've never had one. I'll let you know if I do.

                            2. new sno cone place at corner of burnet and 45th! it tastes to me a lot like casey's. the guy told me he's open every day except wednesday