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Apr 27, 2007 08:12 AM

Dim Sum and Ethiopian Food in DC


I am going to be in DC for a few days and I was hoping someone could recommend a good place for Dim Sum and Ethiopian Food.


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  1. This is a popular topic. Just do a search. The most popular place for Ethiopian on this board is Etete. And there are many dimsum places.

    1. The best places for dim sum are in the suburbs, not in DC proper. However, for Ethiopian food, there are many choices. It all depends on your comfort level for authenticity and "homeyness". One of the most often recommended places in Etete on 9th Street. Others will say that Dukem or Queen Makeda are the best. If you are more into the Ethiopian food with a toned down experience (ambiance, not the food) try Meskereem in Adams Morgan, they have been around forever.

      1. I would second Etete and Dukem for ethiopian. For dim sum, I would recommend oriental east in silver spring and A&J in Rockville.

        1. Anyone coming from out of town will want to go to Etete first for Ethiopian.
          The closest place for Dim Sum to DC would be China Garden in Rosslyn, VA. I have never been there. All the places in the suburbs seem to have their own supporters/detractors.

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            "All the places in the suburbs seem to have their own supporters/detractors."

            Good way to put it. I agree w/ China Garden on the Virginia side since it's so close to DC and it's a nice place. As the dimsum goes, as with most dimsum, if you go when it's busy, it's good. When it's slow, you get the warmed-over leftovers. But, it's clean, good parking on weekends, and good variety, at least the times I've been.

          2. I've been to Etete a few times and it is excellent, everything chowfolk say it is. But I have to put in a plug for my neighborhood place in Silver Spring, MD, Addis Ababa. Food is great, servings more generous than Etete, lot's of veg options. Plus, they have a rooftop garden that;s great this time of year. It's at 8233 Fenton St, Silver Spring, 20910 - (301) 589-1400