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Apr 27, 2007 08:02 AM

Help with the Rotation

We (the girl and I) will be arriving on Wednesday 5/2 and staying for a week. We are long time visitors and can't wait to be back in our favorite city. Here is our rotation. Wed dinner at Cochon, Thurs is K-Pauls, and Monday is August. We always stuffed after the Fest, no need for plans Fri-Sun. Question for the group is what are the best options pre and post dinner (Drinks, music). Thanks everyone on this wonderful board, I have been lurking for months in anticipation of vacation, and have learned much. We will be staying at the Monteleone if that's helpful.


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  1. I love the bar in the Monteleone, so you have a good homebase. Napoleon house is near there, nice quiet and dark.

    For music: Frenchman St. Great bars, lots of live music, some of it is even free. Find the Jazz Vipers, they often play at the Spotted Cat. Donna's on Rampart gets good people in, too.

    Lots of special stuff goes on in the evenings during Jazzfest, get ahold of an Offbeat magazine so you know what's happeneing at Tip's, Rock 'n' Bowl and the Maple Leaf to see if it's worth catching a cab.

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      This post is dead on....I would stress Frenchman St. if you want music late inot the night. You can stop in Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop to listen to some good music and cut a pretty long walk from Iberville/Royal to Frenchmen.

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        Please do not walk from the FQ to Frenchman at night after dark. Just not a good idea safety wise.

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          I would feel ok walking from Decatur to the foot of Frenchman, that might be a better idea than trying to follow Burgundy or something. Lots of fun bars on Decatur, or stop at Checkpoint Charlie's.

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            I agree that it is safe (or at least as safe as anywhere else) to walk across Esplanade from Decatur to Frenchman, especially during Jazz Fest when there are tons of people doing just that until the wee hours.

      2. This website has late night cubes arranged alphabetically by venue:


        The times may vary so you'd want to call or look it up in the paper, but at least you can see who's playing where. Subject to change, I'm sure.

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        1. I strongly second Napoleon House and the Carousel Bar at your hotel (although I think I saw a recent post that the carousel isn't operating at the moment.) As for music, I always had a good time at the Palm Court Jazz Cafe.

          Have a good time.

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            Thanks for the all the tips. Usually get enough excersise during the Fest so will be cabbing it to most places.