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Apr 27, 2007 07:59 AM

Angelo's on Mulberry

Hello, coming to town for 9 days this October. We are planning on 1 night Italian, and I've heard good things about this restaurant from the Rachael Ray show. Can someone give me info in it? My friend loves olio pasta, and this is the only Italian restaurant that has it on the menu. How does it compare to say, Vice-Versa or Becco? I'm so not found of pigs cheeks and such (Basso)............


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  1. Hi

    Angelo's is mediocre at best. For good italian you need to venture out of Little Italy. Lupa, Otto, Crispo are some great Italian food at about the same price point.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Thanks for the input! I guess Racheal Ray's show was giving a plug!!!! So, you'de suggest Lupa?

    2. Go to Il Cortile. I think the food is great. It's Red Sauce Italian (vs. gourmet at Babbo, Lupa, Del Posto, etc.) with a Little Italy atmosphere (vs. cozy, like Da Andrea, Binaca, Malatesta, etc.)

      I've tasted Il Cortile side-by-side with Angelo's, Il Palazzo, and Da Nico. Il Cortile is NOT bad tourist food. It's the real thing. But it's "Fett Alfredo" or "Linguine Marinara" not "Spaghettini with Mint and Pignoli nuts and Fois Gras and ...and..." (which I like places like Felidia, Del Posto, etc.)

      Then walk a block to Caffe Palermo "The Cannoli King."

      1. I dunno. To be honest i love the food there. Everytime i have been not only is it busting at the seams with ppl waiting for a table but the food has been very good.

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        1. re: banjolinana

          The meatballs are GREAT. But the pasta, though passable, is not as good as others.

          1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

            Well, we're Red Sauce people. We're from Southern California and we don't want for good restaurants, but I'm picky about by "fusion" food. When I'm going to an ethnic restaurant, I want typical. We're also going to Gramercy Tavern, Balthazar, Artisanal, River Cafe, Peter Lugar's, Blue Water Grill, we aren't mid-western eaters LOL! I'm just trying to find good, "Red Sauce" Italian, and I love Rachael Ray. Hopefully, I'll find it on this website! Thanks all, for your input. BYW, any input on the above mentioned restaurants?

            1. re: tjcletsgo

              I haven't been to Angelo's or any of the Little Italy establishments. I like Piccolo Angolo for red sauce. Otherwise, Artisanal is a good choice. I prefer Aquagrill to Blue Water Grill.

              1. re: tjcletsgo

                As I said in my earlier post: Il Cortile is what you are looking for. It's Red Sauce, delicious, and not fusion.

                (No one wrote or even implied that you were unsophisticated. I just think you can do better than Angelo's, though their meatballs are great.)

                1. re: tjcletsgo

                  Here's the irony:
                  "red sauce" food is the fusion version of real Italian food. It was probably the first fusion cuisine available in America about 100 years ago, but it is fusion nonetheless.

                  For real Italian food (or at least much closer to the real thing as served in Italy) don't go to Little Italy. Go to Lupa, Lavagna, Babbo, etc.

              2. re: banjolinana

                I agree with banjolinana. I've been to Angelo's a few times and I (including my wife and friends really enjoyed our meals there, and it is always jam packed. I think it's one of the better if not best restaurant in Little Italy. So if you're looking for the Little Italy atmosphere and some good food, I would recommend Angelo's.

                1. re: MagnumWino

                  Agree ... Angelo's is good for a "Little Italy" meal -- not necessarily the best Italian food in the city, but the ambience is going to be satisfying for an out-of-towner who wants to have a fun night in Little Italy. It's fun.

              3. Are you referring to spaghetti aglio e olio? I think several restaurants, including Lupa, have this on the menu. A useful tool is Menupages' find-a-food search function:

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                1. re: Katherine H

                  Thanks so much for all your input! A little background, myself and my best friend of 42 years have always dreamed of going to NYC, and now that we're both divorced and the kids a grown, we're finally doing it! I have to admit, I'm less concerned about "great food" than having the NY "experience". Having said that, we are also going to Sardi's, Tavern of the Green and "the soup nazi" for soup! We're only doing this once (other places on our itinerary) so I want to cram as much into our visit as possible. No offense if I sounded like you assumed I had an unsophisticated palate. We just want to feel like we're in NY, and don't mind looking like the tourist,since that's what we'll be! Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

                  1. re: tjcletsgo

                    Do you really want to go to Sardi's and Tavern on the Green .... ? I really wouldn't spend my money on them. You could have a drink at Tavern on the Green and go elsewhere. Or a drink at the Boathouse. Soup nazi is still good now - think it is a chain now. Your other places are wonderful - Artisanal, Gramercy Tavern, Balthazar ....

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      MMRuth, we are planning on having lunch at the Boathouse. My friend will kill me if I suggest we skip TOTG, so that's that! So, Sardi's is out, huh? I'm much more flexible than she is so, where else is traditional NY besides Sardi's? 9 days means we'll have a lot of meals to eat-YUM!

                      BTW, Andrew, I hear you about traditional Italian food. Our next trip is going to be Italy, and I'm not sure I can eat pigs snout and intestines and all that stuff..............(shiver's)..........

                      1. re: tjcletsgo

                        I'll try to come up with some other ideas to replace Sardis!

                        1. re: tjcletsgo

                          How about a pastrami sandwich at Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side? It's certainly a NY experience, though a different one than at Sardi's.

                          1. re: Katherine H

                            Katz's is already on my list! We're also going to make a picnic at Central Park out of goodies we get at Whole Foods..........or Zabar's. I have to complement you New, you guys are passionate about your food, and since researching stuff for our trip, I'm betting you have the best restaurants in the world!

                            1. re: Katherine H

                              Our "foodie" list so far. We're staying at the Sofitel...........

                              Red Flame Café - breakfast 3
                              Clinton's Bakery and Café - breakfast 1

                              Brunch in Time's Square
                              at BBKings
                              Katz (Harry/Sally)
                              Central Park Picnic
                              Central Park Boathouse
                              Worlds Best Burger-Meridian
                              Shake Shack
                              Soup Nazi's for soup
                              Alice's Tea Cup/St Regis
                              Sardi's-pre/post show

                              River Café
                              Peter Lugars
                              Virgil's BBQ
                              Gramercy Tavern
                              Tavern on the Green
                              Angelo's Italian for Nina's Olio 'sketti
                              Tribeca Grill
                              Amy Ruth's
                              Pearl Oyster Bar
                              Blue Water Grill

                              1. re: tjcletsgo

                                For Clinton's Bakery an Cafe, I assume you mean Clinton St. Baking Company? Make sure you go on a weekday. It's insanely packed on the weekends.

                                For burgers, I'm guessing you mean the burger joint at Le Parker Meridien? There's also a capitalized Burger Joint place that's different than the one inside the hotel.

                                "Soup Nazi" is now called Soup Man and it is a chain. It is good but not something I'd go out of my way for.

                                1. re: kathryn

                                  Yeah, I meant Clinton St. Baking Company. Thanks for the weekday tip! Yes, I meant the Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien. Also, Red Flame Diner is next door to our hotel, and it will be replaced as I find better places to go. The Shake Shack looked like a good place to eat (and sit). We'll be walking everywhere!

                                  1. re: kathryn

                                    Ditto everything, Kathryn. The Soup Man is not what it originally was...I find the soup mediocre at best. There's much better soup to be had...

                                  2. re: tjcletsgo

                                    You've got lots of great places on your list - I would suggest going to DB Bistro Moderne instead of Sardi's (I promised you I'd find a substitute).

                                    Pearl Oyster Bar is a favorite of mine - if it works with your schedule, I'd try to be there when they open for dinner at 6, so you can get seated right away. Afterwards, you can wander about, go to Rocco's on Bleecker for coffee and dessert, or get great Argentinean gelato at Cones, also on Bleecker. Sometimes we actually have the praline parfait at Pearl, and *then* go to Cones!

                                    Not sure where the Sofitel is, but another nice place for breakfast, and a fantastic cappuccino/espresso, is Bottega del Vino, on 59th between Fifth and Mad. They open at 8 am during the week.

                                    1. re: MMRuth

                                      For a more classic Broadway dining experience, closer to Sardi's in longevity and Broadway atmosphere (although definitely not DB's quality of food), I'd suggest Joe Allen's on 46th for a post-show supper. Based on the OP's remarks, I think this may be the sort of place they're looking for - and from a food pov, they're OK (esp. the burgers).

                                      1. re: Striver

                                        Good call - I'd forgotten about them - remember enjoying the hamburger there as well.

                                        1. re: Striver

                                          Joe Allen's was the first post-theater restaurant I ever went to, before I moved to NY. I agree with you, especially through the eyes of a visitor. I think the burger is a fine choice too. My family often ends up there for a bite before the theater, and as a place for us all to meet up. As you say, the food is OK and the location is just perfect.

                          2. If it's classic NY you want, your breakfast/brunch list should include Barney Greengrass on Amsterdam Ave. between 86th and 87th St. ``The Sturgeon King'' has been at the same location forever (since the '20s or '30s anyway). Bagels- creamcheese with any kind of fish (Nova, Sable etc.) are the thing here. Dining room hasn't changed much since I was a kid in '50s-'60s but that's part of the charm.

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                            1. re: dan f.

                              Thanks, Dan, I've added it to my list! We don't have a bagel place yet, so it's perfect. I've printed out a whole ream of restaurants/menupages/tripadvisor info and I'm so excited! They refer people to Chowhound, and I can see why. It's amazing, LA has a menupages, but nobody has given any restaurants ratings or reviews! Kinda make me embarrassed..........

                              1. re: tjcletsgo

                                Don't pay attention to ratings or reviews on menupages; use it only for addresses and phone numbers and menus which may or may not be up to date.

                                I assume you're going to BB King's for the music, not from any idea that their food is special, right?

                                1. re: Pan

                                  Hi, Pan. Yeah, I figured BB Kings food would be so-so, but I've heard the gospel choir was awesome. Please, everyone, let me know if I'm mistaken. Thanks for the info on Joe Allen and DB Bistro Moderne. I'll print the menu's and check them out. I figured I've compromised on TOTG, so Sardi's is out. MMRuth, thanks for all your input. We'll go to Pearl Oyster Bar for their lobster roll. Are they open for lunch? I have dreams about coming to your wonderful city...............

                                  1. re: tjcletsgo

                                    Pearl is open for lunch during the week - 12 to 2:30. The lobster roll is wonderful, as are the fried oysters, the shrimp in salt and the steamers.

                                    1. re: tjcletsgo

                                      The food at BB Kings is also expensive for what it is. But that's not the point if you're going for the music.

                                      1. re: Pan

                                        Pan, is the music worth it? We want to go places we wouldn't go to at home, like tea at the St. Regis, a gospel brunch, fondue at Artisanal. I know not every meal is going to be great, but I think I'm building a list that gets us pretty close............BTW, Joe Allen pre-post show looks great. Sometimes a gal just wants some meatloaf and garlic mashed potates! LOL

                                        1. re: tjcletsgo

                                          I went to BB King's once for a party, and because it was panned so mercilessly here, I didn't eat anything and only got drinks. If you want to go there for the music, can you have drinks only, or do you have to have brunch?

                                          Perhaps you should consider Birdland. The music and the acoustics there are terrific, and I've had very good desserts there - and I mean good classic desserts for a luxury restaurant. I suppose their savory food is probably good, too. One caveat is that the last time I was there was several months ago or longer.

                                2. re: dan f.

                                  Great idea - I loved their smoked salmon - cash only.