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Apr 27, 2007 07:25 AM

Fleming's - San Antonio - Comments?

I am moving back to SA after 20 years, I noticed Fleming's has moved to the Alamo City. On visits to SA, I've really enjoyed Bohanan's on a dozen occasions (great room, great food and not a bigbox chain--served a great fois gras a couple times). As far as bigbox steakhouses go, I prefer The Palm a couple steps up the street from Bohanan's. There was another dry-aged steakhouse in The Quarry about six years ago that served amazing steaks, but the management could not/would not get the place full on a weekend night.

So, any comments on Fleming's in San Antonio? I've spent the last two years in Okinawa eating the most amazing fresh-from-the-dock sashimi.
I'm starving for a great American USDA prime blood-rare strip or just-rare rib eye. I arrive in SA on the 3rd or 4th of May. My first stop will be the nearest taqueria for some breakfast tacos; my second stop will be steak.

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  1. I get it. Chowhounds in SA don't do Fleming's. So here's the post I was hoping for:

    I read about Fleming's Sunday special: a 12 oz slice of prime rib, any salad, any side and any dessert for $30.95. For those of you who don't do prime steakhouse fare, you can't buy an 8 oz filet, all alone on a hot plate, at a prime house for less. I love prime beef, and I love a bargain.
    The steak house is in the Quarry, across from what used to be a kaiten-sushi place and a Fire Bowl. There is comp valet parking. Greeting at the door was standard, as was the maitre' station. The bar is inviting, with several booths for bar dining (nice touch, imho). The dining room is divided in two sections with a main room and another room designed for larger parties (ours was eight). The tables are nicely spaced...not NYC crowded, and the din was not overwhelming (like The Palm). My initial feeling about the environment was, 'Nice place.'
    The order: 5 ordered the prime rib $31 special, two ordered steaks and one got (???) salmon.
    The wine: we all ordered the wine flight except for the fish eater. for $25, we got three very generous pours of excellent value. (the wine list offers over 200 wines by the glass:::WOW)
    The salads: the ceasar/cesar got high marks for creamy with lots of bite and full flavor...'i get anchovy and egg in every bite' the fleming got marks for the candied walnuts and cranberries. the wedge was a wedge with a very blue and chuncky blue cheese. Advice: adjust the pepper grinders to grind coarser to offer fuller bites of fresh ground black pepper.
    The beef: the prime rib was served with three sauces...a horseradish cream, au jus, and a thin, bbq-sauce like condiment. all three were adequate. the cream sauce was superior, if a bit lacking in horseradish nose. The filets were perfectly cooked and were velvety full flavored generous cuts. The prime rib was equally of generous portion, but lacked depth of flavor. I should add, the crust was as good as any you might find at a house dedicated to prime rib.
    The sides: creamed spinach - superior to any I've had at any prime chop house anywhere. Grilled vegetables were very good, and included asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, sweet onions, eggplant, tomatoes, and carrots -- a huge platter. The mac-n-cheese was al dente, creamy and generous. The baked potato was smaller than I'd expect, but it was perfectly cooked, fluffy and very potato-y, even loaded with butter, sour cream and fresh bacon.
    The desserts: chocolate thunder/lava/whatever, creme brulee, peach cobbler. All generous, all tasty. The creme brulee was as rich as any I've ever had...the most divine custard. Raves for the cobbler.
    The bottom line:
    Although the prime rib left a little to be desired, I've learned a few things from this trip:
    -Sunday night at Fleming's is a bargain
    -Order the prime rib two shades darker...I love my still-beating meat, but the pr is best eaten medium with generous crust
    -The sides are more generous than your average prime house and will easily serve two and even three
    -The wine flight is an outstanding value
    -Dessert menu is huge...but I didn't try the coffee
    -Worth a quarterly visit, and not just a Sunday special.

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    1. re: YGBSM

      Don't want you to feel ignored by the San Antonio folks! I moved away from there about two years ago now, so I can't comment on the Fleming's thing. As for the steak house in the Quarry... there used to be one, but it is now a day spa... sorry! For a good prime rib sandwich try J. Alexander's in the Quarry.

      1. re: Foodie in Friedberg

        The old steak house in the Quarry was Gallagher's, with the prime beef aging in a window at the front door. It had remarkable beef with specific cut requests (I preferred a baseball sirloin, which I got whenever I went)...all dry-aged and hand-cut at the restaurant. Alas, the management could never get it together.
        Thanks for the JA recommendation for lunch...I've had dinner there a couple times and was never disappointed.

        1. re: YGBSM

          I'm glad you like JA's; I like their salads, though last time I went they didn't have the yummy frosting-drizzled croissant on the side anymore.

          I've been trying to think of other steak places for you; Little Rhine (haven't been there in years), Barn Door, and The Lodge (they aren't a steak place, but usually have steak on the menu, and their food is incredible).