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Apr 27, 2007 07:04 AM

MSP-Eat Street Seafood and/or Vietnamese

Saint Paul hound finds self and companion in the eat street (and possibly uptown) area this evening for an early dinner. Thinking about Vietnamese noodle salads, pho, and/or non-fried seafood. Companion is from the west coast and loves her seafood.
If I were in St. Paul, I'd have a pretty good idea about what to do for Vietnamese. I see that there is a Pho 79 branch on eat street, and I am fond of their St. Paul eatery. Jasmine Deli seems well regarded. Any suggestions from the rest of the class?


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  1. I think Pho Tau Bay is excellent. Low on atmosphere, but the food is great.

    I've also had some really good seafood dishes (scallops, in particular) at Rainbow, but I haven't been there for around six months, so I can't vouch for the quality as of today.

    1. I really like the noodle salads at Quang. It's always busy there, but the tables turn quickly and the food comes out of the kitchen at lightning speed.

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      1. re: mcgeary

        I JUST got back from Quang myself. Had the 310 (I think). A noodle salad with sliced beef and an eggroll. SO GOOD. I should probably order something else sometime...

        And yeah. We had our food in under 5 minutes.

        1. re: dotMac

          How does Quang do that? Everytime we've been there, our food comes out extremely fast, but very fresh! It's almost as if they walky talky your order in while they're getting your beverage. Love all the noodle salads and have taken very tasty banh mi away. Any shrimp items were good. Never got any other seafood. We like Quang.

      2. Thanks folks!
        Circumstances found us at the Tin Fish, instead. That worked out well enough with cheery service that probably trumped the edibles. The crabcakes were harmless enough, the vinegar slaw tangy, and the cottage fries were crisp.
        And harmless crabcakes, a cold Summit EPA, and a seat by Calhoun on a perfect spring day with my sweetie -what's not to like?
        I am, however, jonesing for Quang, now, so thanks for the suggestions.

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          After a recent visit to Sea Salt Eatery, we are inspired to try Tin Fish again, just for contrast & compare since it's similar in concept.

          I love Tin Fish after a bit of canoeing, although, I don't think they have the canoe rentals ready to go for the season at Calhoun until Memorial Day.. Thanks for mentioning it!

          I'll bet your sweetie would like Quang, too!