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Apr 27, 2007 06:34 AM

Debu Saha closing Biryani house

I just learned that Debu Saha's Biryani house is closing this weekend. I used to love the place but the last couple of times I was there the food was subpar and the general "ambiance" seemed lacking somehow.

From reading the board it appeared I was not alone in feeling this way, and i assume that the restaurant's customers becaqme somewhat dissatisfied.

Still he is an amazing chef and I will miss the place not being there

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  1. Wow--I just tried it a few weeks ago for the first time and thought it was great. What a drag.
    ...I bet they're paving the Biryani House and putting up condos...

    1. Shame. This place used to be good a few years ago, but then I kept hearing bad things and discovered other places where I could get similar food for less money in a more relaxed environment.

      One thing I've never been clear on... is this Biryani House in any way related to the mainly take-out outlet of the same name near Yonge and Bloor? If so, is that one remaining open?

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        The Bloor/Yonge location was where the chef first started. He left there and opened a new resto on his own, while the old place kept going. But not for long, that block is also being torn down for a condo.

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          I love Indian food but I've found that all the places along Gerrard give me Delhi-belly the next day. I thought it was just the price I had to pay until we tried Biryani House, where the food was excellent and no GI upset the next day. That was a life-changer.
          So, any recommendations for Indian food that's just as good and also has no repercussions the next day?

        2. My favourite Indian restaurant in Toronto is also recommended by a lot of other people on here: Little India at 255 Queen West. Service is really friendly, prices are reasonable, and the food is consistently good. I've also had good meals at The Siddhartha on King West at Bathurst. The Host by the ROM is decent, too, but a bit more formal and pricey.

          None of these places has ever given me "Delhi belly." Though I think that the spicy and/or rich creamy bases of a lot of Indian dishes can give a bit of a workout to the digestive systems of those of us who don't eat it daily. I don't think it means there's necessarily anything wrong with the food (extreme situations aside, of course). But it's so hard to take it easy when it's all so delicious....

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          1. re: Gary

            We ate there sometime back and thought the food was delicious, although the service deteriorated as the meal progressed.

            I sppose they will tear it down, and build yet another dreary condo for the rich.

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              Yeah I never thought that it was anything wrong with the food, as I always seem to go with friends who are far more delicate than I am and they never complain. I'm pretty sure it was the spicy and/or rich creamy. Also the making a pig of myself at the buffet...maybe that's why I didn't have any side effects at the Biryani House--a al carte = at least a little restraint...

            2. I loved the food there. Does anyone know of a restaurant serving similar quality bangladeshi biryani??

              1. From what i've heard the chef has actually left to go to Paris and India to strengthen his culinary skills and plans on coming back to open up a new restaurant next year.