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Apr 27, 2007 06:02 AM

Capital Restaurant, SF report w/ pics

I ate here w/ Windy 4/26/07. I had just got off Bart and walked to the restaurant which is about 8 blocks. Once in saw it was mostly older Chinese people eating there which was good and it was full too. I don't know if the place was warm or it was just me.

Windy ordered since we had only 1 hr to eat. We had:

Free bowl of house soup - tasty

Fried spicy chicken wings $6.25- I don't usually eat fried stuff and tried to pick out most of the fried part of the wing, but I did taste a bit of the salty crispy skin. Windy said they were really good.

pan fried pork patty w/ salty fish $7.95-it was really Good. Like a flattened pork pancake, it was tasty and I didn't taste the salty fish (a good thing). I want to try the steam version next time.

seafood & tofu clay pot - cost around 8-10? - it was ok, pretty average..I liked the gravy and shrimp.

snow pea sprouts w/ garlic sauce $8.95- pretty tasty.

overally, I liked the place just thought it was kinda pricey for Chinese food in Chinatown. We had lots of leftovers.

Capital Restaurant
839 Clay Street (Between Grant & Stockton)
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 397-6269
Hrs: Daily 8am-9:30pm

my pics:

Gordon's post here:

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  1. I sometimes make the trip to Chinatown for lunch just for the chicken wings. They're delicious and inexpensive.

    1. Yum. Looks like comfort food to me!

      1. Capital does classic Cantonese comfort food very well. The prices don't really seem out of line, to me. They're not Hing Lung prices, but the it's not Hing Lung food, either.

        1. I had Capital takeaway last night for dinner... wonton soup, garlic sauteed chinese broccoli, and S&P pork chops. Everything was great. I am quite fond of their wontons as the skins are thin and silken. The S&P pork chops were good chrispness (fried well)... I just wish they had more of the jalapeno heat the chicken wings have.

          1. I haven't eaten old-fashioned Cantonese food in a while. There were lots of appealing specials on the walls, including sauteed frogs and steamed princess clams (what is a princess clam? a photo next to the sign looked like geoduck).

            The chicken wings weren't spicy at all. Just a couple of jalapeƱos. The pork patties were kind of overwhelming in size. They tasted like breakfast sausage and would have been good with noodles or potatoes.

            How are the noodles?

            Not cheap ($9 for pea shoots with garlic) but big portions. We both took home enough for lunch today. Very friendly efficient service, and the utilitarian decor reminded me of Chinese restaurants from my childhood..

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            1. re: Windy

              Dou miao (pea shoots) is an expensive item (and not so easy to find). I doubt you will find it for much less than $10 anywhere; It's $13 at Great Eastern, and $16 (!) at Koi Palace, according to the latest posted menus