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Brasserie Beck - Has anyone been there since they opened?


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  1. I haven't been yet but I'm really interested in seeing their menu and hearing some reviews. I went to their website the other day and they still don't have a menu up :(

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      Maybe I will call them today and try to get a copy faxed to me.

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        They have a copy on Zagat's...

        Plateau á la Marcel ½ lobster, 6 oysters, 3 shrimp 3 clams, 6 mussels $48.00
        Plateau á la Beck 1 lobster, 8 oysters, 4 shrimp 4 clams, 8 mussels, 4 Taylor Bay Scallops $69.00
        Seasonal Oysters West Coast Oysters, On the half shell served with an apple & shallot Mignonette Market Price
        Steamed Mussels {served with Belgian Frites} $17.00
        White Wine, Garlic & Parsley
        Curry & Apple
        Tomato & Basil
        Fennel & Chorizo Sausage
        Ghent Mustard & Dill
        {served with pickled eggs, celery Remoulade & toast points}
        Ghent Mustard & Dill
        Ginger & Coriander
        Chimay & Molasses
        Price: $16.00
        Salad Frissée, Lardons, Egg en Croute & Sherry Vinaigrette $10.00
        Spinach Salad with Caramelized Shallots Blue Tag Cheese & Mustard Vinaigrette $10.00
        Tomato, Avocado, Pink Shrimp Hearts of Palm & Maria Rose Sauce $12.00
        Bibb Salad with Roasted Beets & Creamy Ghent Mustard Dressing $10.00
        Napoleon of Vine Ripe Tomato Pipe Dream Goat Cheese & Scallion Balsamic Dressing $11.00
        Roasted Pork Loin, Confit of Cabbage & Mustard Sauce $16.00
        Beef Carbonnade Flamande $18.00
        Chicken Waterzooie $17.00
        Roasted Monkfish, Peppers & Olives $19.00
        Grilled Trout in a Lemon Caper Sauce $18.00
        Roasted Rabbit Loin in Kriek Beer $18.00
        Duck Congolese Style $19.00
        Grilled Beef Steak, Green Pepper & Cognac Sauce $22.00
        Pan Seared Alaska Salmon in a Curry Fennel Sauce $18.00
        Coq au Vin $16.00
        Flemish Seafood Stew $16.00
        Lamb Shank with White Bean Cassoulet $20.00
        Choucroute "En croute" $20.00
        Crispy Skate Wing á la Jacqueline with Garlic Spinach $19.00
        Chef's Table
        In front of the Pass!
        Gourmand Five Course Feast $75.00 pp
        {min. Price: $8.00 persons}
        ~ or ~
        Price: $100.00 pp beer/wine pairing
        Leek and Potato Soup $9.00
        Pea Soup with Veal Cheek Meatballs $11.00
        Shallot and Onion Soup $9.00
        Curry Cream of Endive Soup $9.00
        Brandade of Codfish $11.00
        Charcuterie Plate $22.00
        Warm Tart, Caramelized Onions, Smoked Ham, Gruyere Cheese $9.00
        Liver Parfait with Ruby Red Port Glaze $8.00
        Braised Pork Belly & Rice Beans $10.00
        Roulade of Duck Confit, Barley & Pea Shoots $10.00
        Lamb Sausage with Lentils & Frisee $11.00
        Toasted Garlic Baguette with a Fricassee of Mushrooms $9.00
        Shrimp Croquettes {2} $11.00
        Steak Tartare $16.00
        Country Paté $10.00
        Mussels Gratin $13.00
        Belgian Frites with Mayonnaise
        Gratin of Endive
        Gratin of Cauliflower
        Stompe {Root Vegetable Puree}
        Caramelized Brussel Sprouts
        Potato Gratin
        {with Pork Belly add Price: $4.00}
        Potato Puree
        Peas & Carrots
        Price: $7.00
        {3 piece tasting portion} Price: $10.00
        Chimay, Petit Basque Mimolette, Extra Aged Gouda Edam, Reblochon, Chevré & other daily specials
        Flemish Rice Pudding
        Pear Tarte Tatin & Cinnamon
        Honey Ice Cream
        Gateau of Chocolate
        Ouef a lá Neige
        Belgian Bread Pudding
        Caramel Cheese Cake
        Assorted Ice Cream & Sorbets
        Price: $7.00

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            Anyone have any idea what "congolese style" means?

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              I've made Peppersteak with a Congolese Sauce (Steak au Poive Congolais) and that included a mignonette of green peppercorns, Armagnac and creme fraiche. Beck is supposed to be a mix of French and Flemish dishes so it might be the same sauce.

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                Wow, that sounds incredible, and I'm a sucker for duck. Thanks for the info, I think you've decided for me what I'll have when/if I get there.

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                I ate at Beck last night and had the duck - it's in a sweet/spicy sauce with currants, dried apricots and (I think) cumin. Served over couscous and has almonds sprinkled on top. It was absolutley amazing! There were four of us and we liked every single dish that came to our table. The smoked salmon starter was particularly good. Great beer and wine selection as well, with some good wines under $30. Our service was great, the staff knowledgeable about the dishes and great with recommendations.. A friend who couldn't make it at the last minute called the restaurant and had them bring us champagne, and the staff was very nice about it, and sent the birthday girl's dessert to our table with a message piped in chocolate on the plate and a candle.

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                Ooooo thanks! So helpful. I forgot to even check there. Doesn't seem to be too pricey and looks quite good. I'm interested to hear some reviews from fellow hounds.

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                  WENT LAST NIGHT. Unfortuanately we didn't get a reservation--it was a last minute decision. Grabbed seats at the bar and shared the mussels in the white whine & garlic sauce--YUM. It was a very gernerous portion and comes with a nice serving of excellent french fries, along with 3 mayo-based sauces (plain, curry, and tomato). I recommend the curry but the others were good too. There was plenty of sauce left to dip the delicious french bread in to sop up the goodness. And they had some great belgian beers, including a Framboise (raspberry-flavored)...it's a bit girly, but really good IMO. I look forward to returning and exploring more of the menu.
                  The bar scene was hopping. There was a long table near the bathrooms which one group was trying to hoard for themselves but we finagled our way to a few seats at the end of the table. By the time we left (9:30-ish) the place was simmering down...

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                    Our first real report!!

                    It sounds promising. Anyplace with good frites and different tasting mayos I can get excited about. (I'm a major sucker for the perfect french fry...so far the winner is Poste).

                    I'm planning on checking it out in a month or so....although it doesn't sound like they have too many glitches at the moment.

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                      If you are a sucker for the perfect french fry.... in Philadlephia you must try Rouge on Rittenhouse Square!... :)

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                        I went to Beck for lunch today. Sat at the bar -- very friendly server, who convinced me to try the mussels in curry/apple sauce versus the white wine. I'm not a fan of sweet/savory, but the apple was restrained. Very rich, very yummy. Most (but not all) of the mussels were huge and succulent. Bread to die for (really warm from the oven, not just warmed over; perfect crust). Frites came with three mayo's -- a Belgium fancy for extra grease that I fiud tolerable only with tiny swipes of the mayo (of course the curry flavor worked best with the mussels). Also, as I felt with the frites at Keller's Bouchon in Vegas (dropping names here), the Beck frites are (to my taste) just McDonald fries at their very best. That didn't stop me from making a serious dent in the generous portion. Back to the mussels -- while the curry sauce was wonderfully tasty, it was less than optimal for bread sopping -- on the bread it tasted too strong. On the mussels, just right. And as I said, the bread was wonderful as is, or with the fine butter.

                        As a fan of Marcel's I'm looking forward to coming back and trying more dishes. And the beer!

              4. Pardon my ignorance, but where is this located?

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                    Becks Brasserie is located at 1101 K St. NW

                  2. dcist.com posted a review yesterday.


                    Also, another Belgian beer-and-frites place called Dr. Granville's Brickyard is opening soon on H Street NE. And with Belga Cafe on 8th Street SE, the city will soon be awash in Belgian restaurants.


                    1. I was there Friday night. The place was mobbed; the experience was rather negative. As a fan of Marcel's, I was very disappointed.

                      We had 9:00 reservations for four. We weren't seated until 9:30. They were woefully understaffed and didn't have it together. Nothing came timely. Our waiter (the guy with the strangest hair you've ever seen) was trying, but he just wasn't up to it.

                      The food was just okay. I had the "onion and scallion soup," which the waiter said was French onion soup style but really was not, and was not great. The steak with the peppercorn sauce was fine -- neither very good nor very bad. (The accompanying fries, were the best I've had in the city -- better than Poste's, and like Les Halles' were many years ago). We were not inspired to have dessert.

                      I recommend waiting several months before trying Brasserie Beck.

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                        Another vote for waiting 90 days after opening before going to a restaurant. I can't think of a single decent restaurant that had its act together their first month. The best ones do A LOT of fine tuning in that time, from staffing to dishes to management.

                      2. I've now been twice, but both times sat at the bar. I only wish the bar area was a bit bigger because this is the kind of place where it's nice to sit at the bar. The bread is really warm and good. The house cured salmon with the molasses is GREAT, the charcuterie is good, but Sonoma has ruined me for other charcuterie boards. The oysters were okay and the pork belly over potato appetizer was as good as it sounds. A have a huge appreciation for a place with lots of good, strong Belgian beers. Yum! I had a friend go with 4 friends and had really bad table service. Could just be kinks to be worked out. Overall, a very welcome addition to the neighborhood.

                        1. I went to Brasserie Beck this past Friday night and enjoy the meal and service very much. One of the things I liked about the service was I didn't feel like I was being rushed. The waiter came just at the right times and was very knowledgeable about the menu.

                          The food was outstanding. I'm a beer guy, so it was nice to see a list of beer much like you'd see a list of wines. There was an easy 50 on the menu with good descriptions. I was able to find two hoppy beers I couldn't normally find at Whole Foods. For an appetizer, I had the pork belly with rice and bean and my gf had the tomato napoleon salad. The pork belly was super moist and the beans complimented it well. High recommended. The tomatoes in the salad were extremely ripe and when paired with the soft goat cheese, it became the perfect combo. For dinner I had the fennel and chorizo mussel. Outstanding sauce, big plump mussels, and hunks of chorizo sausage. It was really nice with the bread sopping up the sauce. My gf had the duck which was quite nice. I can't comment too much about there duck because I was engrossed in my mussels. To finish we had the chocolate cake which was nice rich. Just the way I like it. I would highly recommend other people to check it out and I know I will be going back. Because of the cost, it isn't an every week affair, but at least twice a year or for special occasions.

                          1. I went with a friend yesterday for lunch. Aside from a few service issues (which really were not a big deal) the lunch was outstanding. We shared some raw oysters, then I got the tomato/goat cheese napolean - heaven. My friend got the pork belly and lentils and loved it. The bread they serve is wonderful. Main courses were the duck, which was great and the rabbit, also very good. No room for dessert. Next time I'll try the curry mussels or the skate ... so many things that sounds good. Really, I cannot wait to get back, although I do hope the service gets a little smoother.

                            1. Let me add myself to the chorus praising Brasserie Beck. It is a welcome addition to DC dining.

                              We ate there this evening and were impressed. This is a brasserie, not fine dining, so the quality came as a welcome surprise. Let me summarize:

                              Ambiance: Valet parking (alweays a plus in DC). The restaurant itself is very long and narrow with a display kitchen toward the front. It is noisy. Don't expect to hold a quiet conversation here. The server admitted that it is louder than they expected and said there are a few tables in the back that are a bt more quiet. Still, we weren't shouting to be heard. Although it advertises itself as business casual, I would describe the dress as nice casual. There quite a few people wearing jeans.

                              Service: The hostess staff was very friendly. The server was attentive, helpful, and very friendly. The bus staff were too eager to please; they hovered waiting to scoop away your dishes. I felt as thought I should hurry to allow them to clear the dishes. Soemtime they can be too attentive. The bus staff also delivers the food from the kitchen. In our table for two, as wellas the surrounding 3- and 4 tops, every delivery ended in a food auction [i.e., "who has the ..."]. More training is needed for the bus staff.

                              The food: We began with hot baguettes and soft butter. Carbs are my weakness. I surrendered to temptation. She ordered a spinach salad. I never order a sald at a restaurant; how do you make salad special? Robert Weidmaier found a way; my GF raved. I had the mussels gratin. Plumb mussels in a greeat gratin; it was perfect. For entrees, we had the skate wing and the duck. Usually I have skate in a brown butter suace but this was a crsipy skate with a dill sauce. Excellent. Until I tried the duck which far outshown the skate. The duck came in a thick, rich sauce that was plate licking good [luckily I had saved some bread]. We also had to try the Belgian frites which came with a trio of mayonnaise [tomato based, garlic based, and curry based]. Good but I must admit to preferring ketchup. By the way, this is a big portion; order one serves a table. For dessert, she had the pear tart, which was perfect--heavily carmelized and served with cinnamon ice cream. I had the beignets [a special]; they were good but not special.

                              Wine list: Wines by the bottle were about three pages long with a good sampling of regions around the world. Very reasonably prices with only one that I noticed in three figures.

                              The kitchen: Despite high quality food, the kitchen needs to pay attention to details. We were served our entrees before our appetizer/salad course had been served. I sent them away. The manager came to the table to apologize [a good thing]. My GF had requested that the bacon be left off her spinach salad. It was served with bacon. Despite these miscues, the food was above what I expected for a brasserie.

                              The cost: For two appetizers, two entrees, two desserts, and one order of frites, it was about $100. Very reasonable. We also had a bottle of Bordeaux and two glases of port for about $100.

                              I gladly recommend trying Brasserie Beck. I expect that you will enjoy your visit.

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                                Thanks DG. Heading there Saturday night for my first visit. Any wines I should be on the look out for?

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                                  We had the most expensive bottle of bordeaux (about $85). We were disappointed; it was ok but I expected better--it was rather thin.

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                                    I noticed a Ridge Zin on the wine list for about $65.

                              2. My husband and I went Friday night--we had reservations.

                                First, the service was perfect. Very efficient and friendly and not overbearing.

                                Second, the food was great. I loved the bread, which is really important to me. For an appetizer, we split the Shrimp Croquettes and they were fantastic (as was the sauce that came with them). I had the Grilled Trout in Lemon Caper Sauce and he got the Choucroute--both were delicious. We also got a side of Frites, which were perfect, though I was not a fan of the tomato mayo...I just didn't like the mix of flavors, though I'm usually a fan of mixing mayo and ketchup, and a the Brussel Sprouts Gratin, which was tasty and comforting...it was my favorite dish of the evening.

                                I'm a wine person and was pleased with the selections by the glass as well as by the bottle. My husband also loves beer and was very pleased with his choices (can't remember what they were). We ended the meal with coffee, which was also very good.

                                Overall, it was a great experience--great food and service, priced very well, and the overall design of the restaurant (including the bathrooms) is elegant. My only complaint is regarding the design some of seating areas. We were seated near the front of the restaurant in a corner, very, very close to another 2-top--so close to the other table that it was difficult for me to leave my seat (on the booth side) without my butt nearly touching the other table, and I'm a fairly small person!

                                One side of our little the seating area was a large window (where the other couple was sitting), which prevented us from feeling clautrophobic. But on the other side, where we were seated, was a tall (maybe 5 feet?), dark partition. We couldn't see the restaurant at all. I understand that some people like privacy while dining, but I felt like we were completely cut-off. We couldn't even enjoy the decor and vibe of the restaurant. I would have rather sit at the crowded bar, but that's just me.

                                1. I've been about 3 times and the food is good, but not worth the service debacles I've experienced...such as valet losing my car key in someone else's vehicle and me waiting 2 hours for them to find it. Mistakes happen, but the restaurant manager didn't even comp my meal. I was sent a $30 gift cert in the mail that I could only use on non-weekend nights. Also, prior to this I suggested it to someone visiting Washington with a large party (apparently they don't take res for over 8). On the phone it was suggested by the hostess that she "drop someone off of her party" so they could be accommodated. She decided to make reservations elsewhere. Glad others have had good experiences, but I would argue the food isn't worth the hassle of this place.

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                                    The last time I was at Beck the service was incredible. When I had questions about a couple dishes on the menu the waitress described them in great detail and when I ordered the dish the description was perfect. All the food was excellent - my favorite would have to be the duck. The only complaint I have is over the selection of wines by the glass, but because they focus on beers it is to be expected that the wine list is not as good as competing restaurants.

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                                      They take reservations for parties over 8 but you might need to a)sit at the chef's table or b) have a pre-fixe menu. I was considering this for my bf's birthday in May but I didn't want to have a set menu. Also the first time I was there was with a very large group. (10-14 people). Back then they didn't have the pre-fixe menu though. They let us sit at the chef's table and just order whatever we wanted which was great. Perhaps it was because it was a weeknight.