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Apr 27, 2007 04:45 AM

Banana Cream Pie

I live in South Africa, but in my youth was tantalized by my mother's aunt, Mama Sylvie's, amazing pumpkin and banana cream pies. She had married and lived in the South of America for some years, but returned to South Africa after her husband died. Her pies were the best in the world to me, and she refused to serve them in any smaller slices than quarters, but their recipes have been lost. I have found and used many good recipes since, so I'm not looking for recipes, but suddenly fascinated by the notion of where banana cream pie started. Does anybody have some serious historical information about the origins of the most delectable Banana Cream Pie?

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  1. According to Wikipedia it was created in 1913 by someone named Erika Carr. However, I find no corroboration of this anywhere else so it may be a typical slice of Wikipedian apocrypha.