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Apr 27, 2007 12:36 AM

Ploughman's lunch in Kansas City Metro?

I've been dying for a solid (correction: ANY!) place serving a ploughman's lunch in Kansas City. Cheddar and/or Stilton are a must! I'd appreciate any leads...

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  1. Not sure we can hit both of your favorite cheeses in one platter . . .but a couple of suggestions for a lunchtime Ploughman's platter . . .JP's Wine Bar - they have 4 terrific Cheese flights that they start serving at 4 pm, but if you look at their lunch menu they also have a lunch portion for $9. I would also recommend Aixois French Bistro in Brookside, they have two different appetizers a cheese plate and a meat plate for $9.50 that either would make a great lunch. We usually get both of them. Yum!