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Apr 26, 2007 10:39 PM

Seeking burr grinder for paper filter coffee-making

Hi folks,

Sebby & I aren't happy with ground-at-the-store beans, let alone pre-ground ones, and our few forays into grinding at home with our bladed grinder (purchased for spices, not coffee) have been predictably unsatisfactory (loud, slow, powdery and chunky all at once, you know the drill). Since we don't seek espresso enlightenment, I'm hoping we can get away with one of the sub-$200 burred units that don't weigh a ton or take a lot of counter space.

I have done the obligatory board searches, and nearly all posts deal with espresso uses - we use a manual paper filter holder dripping into a carafe 98% of the time, and a french press once in a blue moon.

Any suggestions?


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  1. I've had a Capresso burr grinder for a few years now, and it's worked fine. It's a bit noisy, but then I suppose that's true of most grinders.

    1. I purchased a home roasting combo which included an adjustable burr grinder made by Hearthware. It has worked pretty good so far and grind is easily adjusted via a dial on the unit. Only costs $30 from Burman Coffee.

      1. I have a Solis Maestro Plus. It's not great for espresso but it works very well for drip and other methods of brewing. The basic Maestro can be had for around $115 and the Plus is around $150. They have a new one called Virtuoso which goes under the Baratza name and is over $200. These are good quite machines that will last years and produce very little static. The vertical chute does not allow a lot of old coffee to accumulate

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          We got the VIrtuoso a few weeks ago and we have been absolutely blown away. We got it for right at $199 from including shipping. No static, and really nicely ground coffee. I couldn't reccomend it more highly.

        2. I like the Lexan flying saucer grinder that GSI Outdoors sells for around $20. I can easily grind 2 scoops of coffee in the time it takes to boil a mug of water. The only trick is learning how to hold the round shape - I put a cup under it and hold the combination in my lap. This is available through various sporting goods chains.

          Currently I have it set at a grind that works well for steap-and-strain (modified press), but it also be set to finer grind for paper filter.

          For hand grinding I like to use peaberry coffee, since the grinding is smoother.


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            I agree - this is an extremely capable, extremely cheap grinder. Adjusting the grind is fairly easy, and the grind is fast. It has a stepped bottom for use on GSI's french press pots, but I just use it over a bowl or mug. Well worth picking up and trying, at the price.


            I make coffee the same two ways (filter cone and french press) primarily, and this grinder works well for both. You can grind while you wait for the water to boil.

            1. re: itsrob

              Hmmm, that does sound like it'd be worth a try, as it's 1/10th (or less) the price of most of the well-reviewed burr grinders. Thanks for the link!

              1. re: adampaul

                Cuisinart makes a nice one, adjustable for size of grind and portion. I have had mine for six years

                1. re: gargantua

                  I recently bought the Cuisinart one (about $50 at Bed, Bath, & Beyond). It lasted only sixteen days before the motor burned out (literally - we could smell it burning while it was straining to run). I bought it new, not refurbished. Maybe I got a dud, but I don't recommend it.