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any tomato soup with that grilled cheese?

As a companion to my grilled cheese request- any standout tomato soup recipes? ones that almost scream "please! eat me with grilled cheese!" Any other grilled cheese accessories?

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  1. Trader Joe's wonderful (forget just what it's called) Red Bell Pepper and Tomato soup. It comes in a shelf-stable box and I always have some on hand. Grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, or cheesy toast are proper companions for this. Serve with a little lettuce and cucumber salad.

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      yep, this stuff rocks. I keep a box in my desk drawer at work for emergency lunches too.

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        This was my first thought, too. I eat it almost every day.

    2. I grew up with Campbells- but now I love the TJ's organic tomato. So sweet. I will have to try their red bell pepper and tomato,too. I am sure it is great. All of the TJ soups I have tried have been good.

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        Except TJs was sampling a single serving tomato soup that was just awful, reminded me of Spaghettio's or babyfood. Waaay Too sweet.

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          Never tried that. Love the carrot/ginger, too- but have to have tomato with grilled cheese- with lots and lots of pepper!

      2. Barefoot Contessa makes a sublime tomato-basil soup that goes really well with grilled cheese (or at least it does in my opinion). Here's the recipe.

        If I don't have soup with my grilled cheese, I must have it with dill pickles and Doritos.

        1. When I was a kid - it was always Aylmer's (an eastern Ontario/Quebec brand). Comfort food in my house growing up, my mom even requested it when she was very ill with cancer.
          I'm not so sure I could really eat it these days though. My current tomato soup fave is roasted acorn squash tomato soup. Cut the squash in half, roast it for 1/2 an hour or so, while sweating some onions. Add roasted squash, tomatoes and stock and season to your liking and puree.(personally I like it with thyme and a bit of hot sauce).

          1. I'm a fan of Progresso's chunky tomato soup with a couple heavy splashes of hot sauce.

            1. I actually still eat the condensed Campbell's (using milk not water) with my grilled cheese. I'm really glad they have a low sodium version now. I also like the TJ's tomato red pepper soup. Whatever it is, it has to be creamy and tomatoey. Some chunks are ok.

              1. If you have a can of crushed tomatoes around, you can make tomato soup. I use 1/4 c flour and 4 Tb butter to make a roux, then add 2 c. milk until it starts to get thick. Dump in 16 oz (is that 2 of the "regular" can size?) tomatoes and stir. If you like your soup chunkier, use diced tomatoes. If you like it smoother, you can use an immersion blender. Salt and pepper to taste and add a dash of basil. It's so simple, but that's how I love my tomato soup.

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                  The restaurants in the Nordstrom Department stores serve a tomato basil soup that is well deserving of it's cult following. Here ia a link for the recipe. Note: it is a large batch recipe so either halve it freexe it. I freeze a bowls worht in ziploc bags for intant gratification later...