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Apr 26, 2007 09:24 PM

Songkran in Escondido

I finally got some info on this. I'm not too tech-saavy, so I don't know how to link to the article, but Today's Local News has a segment about it.
It will be this Sunday (April 29th) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Thai Buddhist temple and center. Is that the one on 11th Avenue? I've never even noticed it, but I know there is one there. When I searched for Escondido and Buddhist temples, I got 5 different locations, mostly up by Deer Springs. Who knew?

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  1. so did you go???! I flew back to SD yesterday so I regretably missed the best thai food I have experieced in SD as of yet/

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      I did go, and as I suspected, it turns out the temple is about 4 blocks from my house. I've jogged by there several times, but I guess I always looked at the other side of the street.
      The food was great. They started to run out of things by 2:00, so we planned it just right to be there by 1:30. Pick hits (for me) were fried sweet potatoes and bananas, two different red curries, the pandan dessert/drink, and little creamy sweet deep pancakes topped with green onion. My favorite new discovery was a dessert that I've never seen before. See my "Thai mystery dessert" posting under Home Cooking.
      There was a good crowd present, and a general feeling of good cheer in the air. I look forward to next year's celebration. Now if only it were still easy to track down the other ethnic festivals that take place in our area. Are there any in Temecula (that's where you live, right?)?

      1. re: maestra

        Sounds great....what type of ethnic fair are you looking for?

        [next year try the pork leg...OMG]

        1. re: kare_raisu

          I didn't see any pork leg being prepared, and I think I made it around to all of the booths. Maybe it wasn't offered this year.
          My husband and I are into going to all types of ethnic festivals. I complained elsewhere on this site that the San Diego Union-Tribune doesn't announce these like they used to. They often cover things they day after they occurred (like the Vista Japanese New Year Festival and last weekend's observance/celebration at Pala), but they almost never announce such events ahead of time anymore. What other resources to you use to find out about things? How did you ever hear about the Escondido Songkran celebration?