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Sriracha in Toronto

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I found some time ago a recipe for spicy noodles, and it calls for a tablespoon of sriracha sauce. I know that the red stuff in the rooster bottle in a lot of Asian restaurants is called sriracha sauce, but it's full of preservatives, and I don't want to eat preservatives. Where are some places to buy authentic, preservative-free sriracha sauce?

Stores in northern Toronto or near the subway are preferable because I live a 45-minute walk from Steeles Avenue, in Markham. Places in Markham would be even better.

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  1. I can't imagine you not finding it in the Warden and Steeles area. Plenty of Asian markets and a T&T if I'm not mistaken.


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      I never thought of T & T, strangely. Warden and Steeles is actually very far from me; I live in the west end of Markham, near Highway 7 between Bayview and Leslie. It's only one bus ride to a T & T though, so I'm happy. Thank you very much :).

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        there are tons of chinese markets around that area. In the Times Sq plaza, in the Chalmers plaza, etc.

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        I have a bottle that I bought at a large Asian supermarket around, if I recall correctly, Eglinton and Kennedy. It is imported from Vietnam, and is about half the price of the stuff from california.

      2. We find all natural srirachas in Chinatown East all the time. I'm assuming that they would also be available along Spadina.

        See paragraph two of the Wikipedia article regarding authenticity of Sriracha sauce for an interesting tidbit: