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Apr 26, 2007 07:56 PM

BEST Pancakes or Waffles in Philadelphia

who makes em? what makes em so good?

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  1. I like the pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place in Reading Terminal Market. They are big, fluffy, and served with great maple syrup. So good, in fact, that I eat them weekly (see photo).

    The pancakes are also pretty good at Morning Glory and I hear they are good at Honey's Sit and Eat but have not tried them yet.

    As far as waffles, the ones from Bonte are very good but are different than traditional waffles, as they mix things in with them. The chocolate chip and banana combination is my favorite.

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      Curiosity killed the cat and I made it to Honey's Sit and Eat. The pancakes there were above average and you can get them filled with bananas which was very nice but they were not as good as the ones I had earlier in the day at the Dutch Eating Place but seemed pretty similar to those at Morning Glory, as they were lighter and less dense.

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        i live close to honey's sit and eat and frankly i just don't get the hype. the lines are literally out the door and i thought my pancakes were just OK - not a great value for the cost.

        i am still searching for the perfect pancake in philly. methinks i might find it at the dutch eating place but have not yet been able to brave the line there.

        1. re: rabidog

          The line at the Dutch Eating Place moves pretty quickly actually because the kitchen moves at breakneck speed (think opposite of Morning Glory). We go every Saturday and have a party of 3 and never wait more than five or ten minutes. I am sure the wait on Wednesday through Friday would be little if any. Just ask for them dry unless you are a big fan of butter...they tend to give an overly healthy pat on the top.

    2. The pancakes at Sabrina's were the best I've ever had in my life.

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        i disagree with this poster. i think sabrina's pancakes are very mediocre at best. very few places make good pancakes and only two stand out to my memory and neither are in philly. morning glory makes better ones and i had delicious ones at royal tavern before, but that was a lifetime ago. morning glory's waffle specials = heaven though.

      2. Haven't had them for years, but the Four Seasons makes great pancakes/waffles. They told me they use carbonated water.

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        1. re: Elaine

          They are wonderful -- I think they use ricotta in them too.

        2. The pancakes at Meridith's in Berwyn are excellent. Even better if you add the fruit or chocolate.

          1. it's in the burbs, hatboro to be exact, but daddypops diner makes some of the best pancakes i've ever had, period. they come out huge, scented with nutmeg and dusted with powdered sugar. also notable are their REAL home fries, which have become increasingly rare to come by these days... love their breakfast so much!

            it's on york road, on the right-hand side if you're heading north from the center of town.