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Help me navigate Lotus of Siam

I'm a frequent Vegas visitor who is finally taking a vacation with a fellow hound with a love for thai. My own thai experiences are admittedly only with more Americanized versions, so I was wondering if I could get any recent experiences with particular menu items from LOS. Thanks!

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  1. Most everyone will steer you to the Northern menu items which are different from the standard Amerithai fare. My favorites include the sour sausage/crispy rice salad and either the jumbo prawns or whole fish in chili garlic sauce. Most important consideration is the heat index. If you lean to the conservative side in your requests you should be OK, unless you are an inveterate chilihead. Enjoy...it's one of the best dining experiences in the city.

    1. Hi,

      We love the crispy rice/sour sausage appetizer, the beef salad (best I ever had - I dream about it and would eat it every day if I could!!), and the sticky rice with mango for dessert.

        1. the khao soi on the NOrthern menu (wash down with some of their fresh squeezed limeade if they haven't run out!) PS not Thai, but worth a special chow detour, is the crispy skin suckling pig appetizer at Noodles in the Bellagio (the first order was so good, i immediately ordered a second dish!) If you feel guilty, get some black cod congee with it

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            Thanks everyone, and by the way, should I make sure to reserve a table and, if so, how far in advance? Let's assume we are talking Thursday or Friday night

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              I would recommend a reservation at dinner, especially on the weekends, although Friday doesn't tend to be quite as crowded as Saturday, LOS will likely be full. You might also want to ask about specials, which are usually fish. Although I do think you should try some items off the Northern menu if you want to try some new fare, don't overlook the barbecue section either. The whole catfish and bbq beef (with sauce on the side, which while delicious, is not "hot" as its description implies), for example, are delicious. If it's your first time at LOS, you probably do want to order the crispy rice with sour sausage appetizer.

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                i would definitely call two weeks in advance.... last time we went, we almost didn't get in... i also love the duck curry

          2. There are not too many things on the menu that I don't like, but my old standbys are as follows:

            Nam Kao Tod (Crispy Rice and Sour Sausage)
            Tom Ka Kai (delicious Chicken and coconut soup)
            Whole Ginger Fish
            Sticky Rice and Mango
            Bottle of Donhoff Spatlese
            Thai Iced Coffee

            You go with that and I guarantee a great experience.

            LOS is also one of the few places you can sit down and say just bring us food. If you have a larger group that is the way to go. You will never be dissapointed.

            1. I haven't eaten there often enough to be an expert, but my favorites (in addition to the crispy rice/sour sausage) were the whole bbqed catfish - best catfish I've ever eaten - and a seafood special (I think it was seabass). I also would suggest allowing the staff at LOS to suggest a wine to match what you order. They are extraordinarily skilled at selected wines that will complement your food.


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                I too love the fried catfish...and as Dave mentioned, the barbque dishes are very good. And the Crispy Rice and Sour Sausage. And definitely the sticky rice and mango. Probably the only semi-disappointment I've had there (apart from one not-quite-ripe mango....usually unheard of!!!) was Pud Thai. Someone had said here that their standard noodle dishes such as this are not quite as good as other items, and that was definitely true that day. But the folks I was with insisted on Pud Thai, and they seemed to enjoy it. However, the next morning DH said "You know, the Pud Thai wasn't wonderful last night..."

                My son tried to go when he was there in October on a Friday night without a reservation and couldn't get in. So for his last trip to Vegas in March he made a reservation for Friday night about two weeks in advance. And he commented to me about how crowded it was! He reported back that they had soup, a seabass special, the beef salad, and the sticky rice with mango, and that all was delicious!

              2. I love the Tom Yom soup - it's a must to start. The beef salad and salad with fried catfish are excellent aps, as are the chicken wings. I love the whole catfish. I also loved the pork with jackfruit on the Northern menu (the stir fry - the flavors in the other are excellent but, as they warn you, the texture is very mushy).

                The heat index is not precise - I've had 7s that are hotter than 9s - but certainly will steer you in the right direction. The Northern Thai pork stew (I think it's called) is very flavorful (lots of garlic) without being spicy.

                1. And, remember, on weekends, LOS is open ONLY for dinner...


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                    I loved dinner at LOS, we had a fantastic fish special (so very fresh). The northern porkstew was delicious and exciting, as I haven't seen this dish on the list of many other Thai restaurants. The wine list was well chosen. I will definitely go back for dinner. BUT... I went for lunch the next day and I was a bit dissappointed. It was a good buffet, but I was underwhelmed. Was I just unlucky? Is the lunch bufet usually better?

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                      I think the general consensus here is to avoid the lunch buffet as it is average, so it doesn't sound like you were unlucky, just that you should've ordered off the menu at lunch too.