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Apr 26, 2007 06:34 PM

French American Brasserie (FAB) Downtown Atlanta

This place is spectacular. Formerly Brasserie Le Coze and now FAB in downtown ATL. What a beautiful place!

I have written about FAB (a little too much possibly) on

I just feel you out of towners need to know about FAB when you visit, especially if staying downtown.

My silly blog has more details if needed. I have been waiting for this opening for quite some time. I have absolutely no affiliation with the place... I just dig it!

The only things that would be just as exciting to me would be the return of Chef Peter Chang and Chef Soto, preferably within walking distance.

Reportedly, we do have Chef Blais back though.



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  1. just ate there tonight after have had many wonderful meals as Le Coze at Lenox. WHile decor here is an improvement the food has crashed big time. We ordered a series of small hot and cold plates - one of which was inedible - we were told we didnt quite under stand the complexiy of the unpasteurized sheeps cheese and truffle oil - even though I have lived both these in Italy (the country) Unexciting, very bland tastes - nothing I had I would crave to come back and thats what you need. You guys can do MUCH MUCH better - wake the chef up, wake the front of house management up and we mau come back again.

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      My wife wasn't feeling too well (early in pregnancy) and ordered simple noodles with butter. They were revolting. It was so crowded and our waitor so distracted, we didn't bother mentioning anything. I had a fish dish, but that's all I remember.
      I'll give it another shot at some point.

    2. We went with my in-laws several months ago when it had recently opened. The food at our visit was great! The place is huge - I wonder if they'll be able to keep attendance high enough to make it worth it - but we didn't experience the poor food. Agree with Rowdy Food.

      1. I also concur w/ Rowdy. I've been for dinner and lunch twice each. Both lunch experiences were excellent (including some remarkable kumamoto oysters), and the dinners were as well (though I'll concede one of our party at a dinner had a lackluster experience with a salty skatewing, normally a standard there.) The food is largely traditional brasserie food and doesn't break any new theoretical ground, but everything I've had at FAB has been as solid as at Le Coze, where we ate regularly.