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Apr 26, 2007 06:26 PM

my favorite saute pan won't fit in our new oven

My husband and I are about to move into a new apartment with a smaller oven (24" wall oven) than we currently have. The problem is that I do a lot of range-top-to-oven cooking, usually in my 12" tri-ply stainless saute pan, and that pan is big! From loop to handle tip, it barely fits in our current (standard, standalone) oven.

I don't want to use a smaller pan than 12" because I don't want my food to be too crowded to brown properly, and I'm a little concerned about using a pan with just loop handles because of the spatter (usually I'm browning at a ferocious heat on the range before roasting in the oven).

Can anyone recommend either a good stainless tri-ply saute pan with a shorter handle or some other kind of cookware that will go from range top into a small wall oven?

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  1. I feel your pain. I use a 12inch le creuset braiser which works really well...actually, I see they call it a buffet casserole...anyway, that's what I use...

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      I've got banged up old steel roasting pan and an ancient handle-thing that
      I got from my grandmother for holding banged up old roasting pans which I
      use in my small oven.

      I don't have any idea where to get another one of these handle things and you
      probably want something a little classier than my banged up old roasting pan, so
      that's probably not of any use to you. But what about something like this, a
      saute pan with a detachable handle:

    2. You should be able to find a 12" pan with 2 loop handles, instead of the long handle. I think most of the manufacturers call them "everyday pans."

      I have a circulon one that's on its last legs, and came across this one today:

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          I second the cast iron vote...goes from stove top to oven easily and just gets better with use.

          1. re: jdavies

            I have cast iron and I love it, but for a few staple recipes in my repertoire, I like the stainless because it gets hot so fast and sears so well.

        2. while I will second the cast iron recommendations I have a few points to add.

          I have found that really good oven mitts are under appreciated. With the appropriate glove or pot holder a short handle is no problem. I have a double long pot holder that allows me grab both the loop handles on pans (I have these pans: & which are both great for different reasons) and control is excellent without risk of burns.

          Further I have found that when food is going into the oven to finish I can often reduce the temperature of the pan on the stovetop a great deal. I can even "ride" the temperature -- high for a minute to give an inital sear, lower for some continued cooking on that side. they raised again to sear the other side then off as the pan goes into the oven -- makes for far less splatter and fuss...