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Apr 26, 2007 05:48 PM

Left Over Pork Tenderloin

I have a large baked pork tenderloin leftover. Any good ideas for leftovers for lunch or dinner?

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  1. Jenny, Cut the pork into small chunks and use it for stir fry. Because it's already cooked, add the pork after you've cooked the onions and veggies; just heat it through along with some Oyster Sauce. You'll be surprised at how well it turns out.

    1. Amusing timing. Minutes ago I finished my leftover pork tenderloin from last night. I sliced it into thin (1/4 inch) medallions, spread them on a plate with a little Stubbs sauce on each one, and nuked them for 35 seconds. I had a hoagie roll, toasted, with Boston lettuce and very thin sliced red onion on the ready. It made for a good sandwich; I would have added sliced tomato for more moisture. And these days, they come two in a package, so I will have this exercise again soon. I'm growing elephant ears for better ideas than mine.

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        Speaking of two pork tenderloins in a pkg..When I get home I quickly open it up and take one out and wrap it in that blue freezer glad wrap and stick it in a freezer ziploc like a charm..never any freezer burn!!

      2. I always make Vietnamese-style summer rolls with leftover pork, mango, rice stick, lotsa herbs, and daikon.

        1. either warm or room temp.... make a lovely leaffy salad, lay the slices on top and drizzle with a balsmaic reduction dressing - with maybe a drop of orange or something to sweeten it.

          1. I'm a broken record on this, but I love to make a tonnato sauce - has to sit overnight though to really get the flavor into the pork slices.