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Apr 26, 2007 05:38 PM

InterContinental Boston - dinner

I will be on a conference next week at the InterContinental Boston and I am looking for some places for dinner within walking distance. Open to everyhting.

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  1. Had a decent but pricey lunch at Sel De La Terre on Congress St. last week. Steak frites cooked perfectly to order, medium rare, a tasty smoked chicken, olive and feta pizza, a decent panini, great rosemary fries.

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      Unless they have opened a new location Sel De La Terre is not on Congress St.. It is located near the Acquarium.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Meil in the intercontinental is great, especially for lunch. Sel is good and the bread is unreal there. LTK is good as well, really fun place, and quite close. For upscale bar food and a fun place Luckys is close by as well.

        In my opinion the best resteraunt in the city Radius is very close to the intercontinental as well. Chintown is about 10 minute walk, and there are lots of good places there. You have a lot to choose from. I work in the area, so I frequent all of the above :)

        1. Les Zygomates, Sorriso and O Ya all in the Leather District which is a very short walk from the Intercontinental.

          In terms of Miel, I ate there once and wasn't overly impressed. I found the decor irritating - too french country for me. And the bar next to the restaraunt is very fun if you are at the bar, but I could hear the music from the bar in the restaraunt over Miel's music (very annoying). And the menu is huge, but I found the entrees heavy. That said, they had just opened when I went so I would give it another try.