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Looking for thoughts, likes, etc. I have never had it--can you compare it to Sockeye?

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  1. Are you looking for who sells it in the Bay Area or just general info?

      1. Saw it at Berkeley Bowl this evening... never tried it.

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          Just a color thing. The salmon don't eat the krill that turns the flesh salmon-colored or it isn't dyed.

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            Actually, they do eat the same krill, they just have different enzymes to process it so the color doesn't build up.

        2. It's been years, but I've caught a couple in Hood Canal in Washington State.
          I recall it being like a slightly milder king and quite a bit milder than the sockeye I've had.

          1. I'm a fish biologist from Alaska in the area with the highest concentrations of white kings. srr is right, "Ivory Salmon" eat the same foods as red meat varieties, but can't absorb the meat due to a genetic "deficiency". The flesh has been analyzed and shown to contain a slightly higher lipid content, which is a benefit for fresh fish, but a disadvantage for fish frozen for long periods. They are both tops on my list of salmon, but for smoked, I like a juicy white king. While a deckhand on a power troller in the '90's, we always got less for whites than red, but I think thats not always true nowadays. To compare to sockeye, sockeye is very red and has a more robust flavor and firmer flesh. Sockeye is also dryer and more dificult to cook just right (less forgiving). People I've talked to that eat both are about 50-50 on which is best, but more sourdoughs would perfer a white king. Addittionally, kings have a higher likelyhood of being killed, cleaned and chilled right away if you are buying them because of different fishing methods.

            1. i have tons of white spring at home just got back from fishing

              1. You would not be able to tell the difference between a pink king and a white king in a blind taste test. Treat it just like regular salmon.

                1. I think I could tell the difference. i have been eating salmon all my life though its kmlder and tastes like salmon One of the best eating fish though is the jack Springs They are amazing and can only get them if you catch them yourself

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                    Yeah 'jacks' are excellent. Agree that 'Kings/Spring' are handled better after being caught by trollers. We would have them cleaned and iced within minutes. With seined or dragged caught fish it can be hours before even the gills are removed. We used to just give all the 'White Springs' away to the indians or 'dock-walkers'.