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Apr 26, 2007 05:21 PM

SOUTH BAY: Any Rec's for Late Dinner (9pm) for Party of 12?

I have family flying in today for a wedding and they're staying at the Ramada in Redondo Beach. Does anyone have any South Bay recommendations for a reasonably priced dinner (20-30 per person) for a party of 12 at 9:30pm? Preferably places with good cocktail selections as well. Thanks very much!

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  1. I'm not sure where the Ramada is, but two restaurants that would seem to work Cheesecake Factory and Harbor Drive. I think Cheesecake Factory will take reservations for 10 or more.

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      FYI, I went to HD a few days ago and it was terrible. The food and service both lacked and it was expensive. I think they are reincarnating as an Italian restaurant and just do not care about the current quality of the food or service.

      Next door is Blue Water Grill-they can certainly handle a party of twelve-have a full bar, etc. The fresh fish is good.

      I wsh I had more to recommend. You can venture into Hermosa or Manhattan Beach and find somewhat better food and cocktails. I am thinking Rock N Fish in MB (upstairs) and Cafe Boogaloo in HB (good blues music, cocktails and Cajun style food. They have long tables and it's good if you wanted more of a night out than quiet dinner. There is always the infamous Bucca De Beppo and I just thought of HT Grill in the Riviera Village. I just went to a Birthday party there for twelve people and it was quite good. The food is eclectic mix of asian fusion, steaks and seafood. Reasonably priced.They have 10 dollar pitchers of Sangria (good Sangria, white or red) and a good menu and great bar. I think that may be the best bet for you and family.

    2. Italy's Little Kitchen Hermosa wait, let me finish. It's got a great location right on Hermosa Ave and Pier. They have a private dining room upstairs for big groups, and it was really fun. They have some decent dishes, and a good amount of wine. We additionally brought some bottles of our own and I remember them having a very reasonable corkage fee.

      Call and see if you can get the top floor, if yes, it's worth checking out, you don't feel like your in some semi-chain restaurant in South Bay at all, very fun, intimate, and impressive setting.

      1. Thank you very much for the recommendations. I remembered a restaurant that I had visited a few months back with some girlfriends: Mediterraneo on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach.

        Their menu is mainly tapas-style, so I figured that would be a good option for late night eating: nibbling on a variety of small dishes with cocktails. I called them up and told them my situation and they were able to reserve tables for me in the bar area (better option than in the restaurant so people could easily order drinks on their own and mingle)and they helped me come up with a menu at my price point (25 per person).

        We had 9 different tapas dishes (ordered 3 of each) and we had PLENTY of food. All of them were delicious. Our final count of people ended up at 10, and with tax, 18%gratuity, and some extra gratuity (because the service was great) we ended up at $240.00 total.

        All in all a very nice dining experience. I would definitely recommend Mediterraneo as a nice option in the South Bay for having a good mix of lighter dishes with cocktails. Great way to start a night out with friends and/or family.

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          I have often wondered about Med. I have been to most of the other restaurants in the plaza and have been uniformally disappointed in all, especially the very expensive italian place and Sangria (horrible tapas and Sangria that tastes like soap) I have avoided trying Med because of this and I live in walking distance. Now I shall try based on your experience. Thanks for letting us know.