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Apr 26, 2007 05:04 PM


Any reviews ?

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  1. I've been about 4x although haven't been for about 1 year. Have had Calamari appetizer, one of the best I have had; Linguini Fruitti Di Mare, also delicious; and one of the best Chicken Parms I have ever had and a great deal at $13.95. I have never had a bad meal there. The wait on weekends can be very long as they don't take reservations; if it's nice out that's fine because you can walk around, but in the bad weather it's tough because there is no place to wait in the restaurant.

    1. Been a few times recently. No reservations is indeed a hassle, but Birch St around the corner now has a full bar, where you can wait, have an aperitif, watch the game, and check with the Delfino host on your status in queue via cellphone. Quite worthwhile Italian (with some occasional French touches), good service, a nice fine-dining feel, good prices. Wish their wine list were a little better -- too many budget wines that aren't up to the level of the food -- but that's a quibble.

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        lobster ravioli is the best i have ever had

      2. yes, the lobster ravioli dish is great--really, it's more of a deconstructed ravioli with large sheets of pasta that are sort of draped over big pieces of lobster. delicious cream sauce, too. last time i was there my boyfriend had a really nice gnocchi--the fluffiest, lightest gnocchi i've ever tasted. it was a special that night but it may now be a regular menu item now.

        1. Bumping this thread...

          GeeEffDeeCee and I had dinner here last night - thanks again to Hounds - would not have ventured over to Rozzy without your assistance.

          We split the grilled vegetable antipasto plate to start - a grilled portobello with some shaved Pecorino Romano on top - roasted red peppers - a fresh mozz and cherry tomato salad - a soft white cheese with consistency of ricotta but garlicy - calamata olives (or similar) - a sun-dried tomato spread (I think) - more than enough for two people to share at $10 - it was all quite good.

          GeeEffDeeCee had penne pasta boscaiola which incorporated some prosciutto and was thoroughly enjoyed. I had the bolognese - it was very good - rich with a complex meat flavor that you expect from a good bolognese and just a touch of sweetness - BUT what made this dish superior was the homemade pappardelle - according to Wikipedia: "The name derives from the verb “pappare,” to gobble up." I did...almost the entire plate.

          The only question involved the wine - The list had a $29 bottle of 2003 Nebbiolo and I was presented a 2004 Neb. I have posted on the wine board for more general questions about it - - In any case, we kept the 2004 (I can't believe I even noticed the year to be honest - I generally only read as far down as R-E-D) and it was good.

          No problem getting a seat, but it was 9 p.m.

          EDIT: Looked up boscaiola and it looks like such a sauce always involves mushrooms. This sauce had sausage, prosciutto and peas in a tomato sauce. Mislabeled or misconceived? Don't get me wrong - it was good, but was it REALLY a boscaiola sauce?