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Apr 26, 2007 04:51 PM

Mother's Day Brunch near Rye Brook

I've been looking at old threads and nothing is hitting the right note.

I'm looking for brunch on Mother's Day with my husband and 5 year old.

Not super fancy, but not diner. Not buffet.

We're having dinner the night before at Napa & Co., so going back the next morning feels odd, although ohmigod the sample menu on the website looks delicious.

We find Ruby's overpriced and overhyped given the good but not stellar quality of the food. We don't care for City Limits Diner.

We had brunch a couple of years ago at B4 (the place in Valhalla owned by the people who own Le Jardin du Roi in Chappaqu) and that was the right idea, but I'd kind of like to try someplace new.

A quick browse through Open Table suggests I'm sort of late for this, but I'm still hoping to find something good.

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  1. How about Fish in Portchester. Good food and kid friendly. It is on the water so it's a plus if the weather is nice.

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      We like the brunch @ the restaurant at the Griffith Harris muni golf course in Greenwich. It's on King St. towards Westchester County Airport, near the Rye Brook border. There is a buffet and you can order off the menu as well. You'll definitely need a reservation.