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Apr 26, 2007 04:43 PM

Recipe for chile macaroni and cheese?

Hoping for some help with a recipe for chile macaroni and cheese! Went to Washington, DC for a short trip. No Chowhound worthy food (too busy seeing friends and sightseeing), but we did stop for a quick dinner one night at the Thunder Grill in Union Station. The restaurant is your typical "upscale" corporate at-least-it's-not-a-food-court restaurant, but my husband really did like his chile macaroni and cheese.

The side dish was nice and cheesy, creamy and with a nice punch from chiles. The chiles could be tasted but not seen, so they weren't just chopped up and put in.

Also, I've made Martha Stewart's mac and cheese a few times. While it's fine (I especially like the bread topping), it doesn't seem creamy enough to me. Any suggestions?

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  1. I've made a macaroni and cheese with chipotles in it before, and it's great -- the recipe's on Epicurious (just search there), and I tend to cut it in half, double the chipotles, and use all milk instead of the milk/cream mixture it gives. It just uses canned chipotles in adobo, minced and stirred into the white sauce. If you don't want them to be seen, you could just steep the chiles in the white sauce for a while, then strain it before combining with the pasta and cheese.