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Apr 26, 2007 04:42 PM

Best San Francisco Chowhound Moment?

Mine came today while flying down Geary towards Park Presidio eating Wing Lee Bakery's Leek and Shrimp Gow with a fork (probably not a good idea - the fork not the gow). I never would have gone there if it hadn't been for CH. Any other only in the Bay Area Chowhound moments?

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  1. Chicken Wings at Capital and Lemon Beef Salad at Tu Lan.

    1. Going to a bowling alley in Albany just for Thai food based on a Chowhound recommendation. (Unfortunately it was possibly the worst Thai food I've ever had).

      Also, waiting patiently by my office computer about six years ago at about 1:45 p.m. to hear reports from Chowhounds if Naan 'n Curry on Jackson St. had finally opened its doors (for the first time). I immediately ran over for lunch.

      1. An 11am stool at the Swan Oyster Depot with a Dozen Oysters, Crab Louis Salad, Bowl of Chowder and an cold Anchor Steam.

        1. 24 oysters as an app at Jardiniere then on to the King Salmon.