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Blood Oranges?

I went...shall we say a little overboard at the farmers market this afternoon and bought a BIG, BIG bag of blood oranges (but it was three bucks, such a deal--I couldn't refuse right?)
now, it's only me and the BF and he's not an all out eat ton's of fruit fan. short of giving them away, what should I do? any interesting ideas?

short of eating them straight, I'm thinking about making some kind of syrup for BO martini's maybe?

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  1. Just how big IS this bag?! Of course you can make blood orange syrup...and/or juice the extra ones and freeze for later...make blood orange vinaigrette...blood orange reduction sauce...blood orange glaze...blood orange sorbet...

    1. Are they the sweet ot tart type? They keep for months in the produce bin in the fridge. They are nice in a green salad too.

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        Hi, rworange!

        I see that Wikipedia notes three varieties of Blood Orange, but is it the variety that makes it sweet or sour, or the timing of the harvest?

        We have one Moro Blood Orange tree, and although the fruit appears ready for picking, if we harvest too early the fruit is painfully sour. If we wait several more months, the same fruit is extremely sweet.

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          That might explain why some usually sweet Moro blood oranges can be sour ... picked too soon. However the Trocodaro are always sour, almost like a Seville orange.

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            Oh, you are so stuffed with info -- leave room for great chow!
            Thanks, rworange! I always appreciate you!

      2. Last night I had oranges that had been soaked in Maker's Mark. Delicious, and I bet your boyfriend would eat them!

        1. Make blood orange curd - use blood orange juice and zest in place of lemon. Then you can put the curd on scones, toast, muffins, etc. or you can ake a blood orange curd tart.

          1. I've been paying about a buck per orange, and then my dad comes home with a whole bag full of them for only $2. (sigh)

            I'm actually making blood orange sorbet right now.

            1. Blood orange marmalade is great stuff and if you feel generous enough to give some to friends, they will be hugely impressed.

              1. Blood oranges are great in salads, particularly beet salads (add some goat cheese -- delicious!!)

                They also go well with asparagus in a vinaigrette (use some of the juice in the dressing and segments in the dish,) either warm or cold.

                The juice is nice in a glaze for ham (blood orange juice, mustard, brown sugar.)

                And, finally, the following recipe from epicurious.com uses lots of blood oranges and is quite good:


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                  awesome, thanks!
                  I've been itching to break out the ice cream machine, sounds like blood orange sorbet is in order =)

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                    Blood orange greyhounds are great as well... if you're up to it, you can also use the zest for some killer orange scones, or candy the peel and save it for mixing in creamy cheeses, meringues, etc.

                2. As a side note, blood oranges should actually be quite inexpensive. I was watching the Travel Channel once, and in Italy (I believe) there is an annual "blood orange fight", which is similar to the tomato fight. Tons of blood oranges are made available for people to throw at one another. Kind of makes me wonder why we pay a buck a piece for these when there are enough to be used in a major food fight.

                  1. blood orange grappa: marinate/infuse/steep in good vodka with slices including skin. Although I'd clean the wax off the skin first.

                    1. I had the BEST blood orange martini a couple weeks ago and you don't need to make a syrup. Just one part ice cold Ketel One to three parts fresh squeezed blood orange juice. A revelation.

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                        I agree! I made Blood Orange Bellinis a few months ago for a brunch and it was a HUGE hit! :D


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                          They are fabulous. My favorite Italian place here in Houston (tlegray's favorite, too, I infer from previous posts) offers blood orange juice mixed with prosecco. What a wonderful celebration of Italy.

                      2. I'm jealous. I haven't seen Blood Oranges here in Houston. In Italy reg oj is hard to find but boj is plentiful. I'm packing a suit case of the stuff next time I go.

                        Since I like to bake I'd probably try making a blood orange bread or cake. I'd definitely make the martini.

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