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Apr 26, 2007 03:37 PM

Dolce on Melrose

Can some one please give me some feed back on the quality of the food and service at Dolce. The restaurant it self looks super trendy. When that is the case the food it self usually seems to suffer.

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  1. I went to Dolce within the first year after it opened and haven't been back - which in and of itself tells ya something. The food is forgettable, the service minimal, and the crowd obnoxious - and I'm in my 20s, not some old codger who doesn't enjoy a scene. It was all Paris Hitlon wannabes stumbling around drunkenly - and tourists who I bet had seen photos of Paris Hilton there in US Weekly and so came to check it out. Save your money - or spend it somewhere else that's worthwhile!

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      Agreed. I found the food to be subpar. Their signature lobster pasta dish contained rubbery overcooked lobster, most of the dishes were undersalted and poorly executed.

    2. Thirded on the mediocrity of the food. More for the scene (and even that's not particularly happening @ Dolce.)


      1. Went to Dolce for dessert.
        Didn't have to wait for a table but the food took FOREVER (and it was just dessert!) We were forced to move tables because they had a huge group, but the owner came up to us and introduced himself, apologized, made conversation so it wasn't as annoying to move tables as it would be in any other restaurant. But service could of been a lot better (maybe it was just because we ordered dessert?)
        And the crowd isn't so great either: a lot of overly dressed young girls with rich old men.. gross...

        1. I believe they changed chefs not that long ago. I went in June and found the food and service to be outstanding. And the flaming bar is too cool.