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"Wrapped" appetizer ideas

Going to a party this weekend and the host has requested we bring an appetizer that's "wrapped". I'm thinking a bunch of people will go the "wrap anything you can find in bacon" route, and I'm not particularly fond of the melon/prosciutto combo so I'm looking for other ideas. Any thoughts?

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  1. What about brie en croute (brie wrapped in pastry)?

    1. spring rolls

      thai shrimp cigars

      1. If you want to stick with proscuitto, I love proscuitto wapped around lightly steamed and chilled asparagus spears.

        If you decide to go the bacon route, there's nothing better than dates stuffed with parmesan cheese, wrapped in bacon, then baked until the bacon is crispy.

        You could make Crab "Nachos" which features crab/guacamole in wonton cups (it's not a totally enclosed "wrap" but pretty close): http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

        You could do spring rolls: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

        Or, even some variation on a sushi roll. Here's a recipe for a California Roll: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

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          I'll see your dates stuffed w/ parmesan cheese, wrapped in bacon, then baked until crispy. And raise you hollowed out jalapeno peppers stuffed with sausage and/or cheese, wrapped in bacon and grilled until crispy.

        2. dolmades, with or without lamb
          thinly slice cucumbers into horizontal ribbons and *wrap* around crab or salmon salad
          very thin (authentic) pita bread, sliced and wrapped around cumin chicken salad
          small tortillas around shredded pork or spicy black beans
          asian dumplings, steamed or fried
          japanese hand rolls or maki rolls

          1. mini spanakopitas
            mini char siu bao
            sushi rolls
            lettuce wraps (lettuce with minced meat filling)

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              A great involtini (rolled) appetizer is one with beef and watercress.

              Essentially, buy rare roast beef in thin slices. Chop just a bit of onion or shallot (optional) very thinly in slices and mix with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Toss fresh watercress in this "dressing".

              Place a bundle of the watercress "salad" in the middle of a roast beef slice and roll up. Delicious!

              Another one would be pieces of salami spread with a bit of fresh pesto, wrapped around a piece of mozzerella (fresh would be best)

              have fun!!

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                aspaargus wrapped in phyllo- baked or deep fried
                Prawns wrapped in phyllo baked or deep fried
                Spanokapita triangles
                shu mei
                stuffed french loaf - with cheese, onion and sausage, leave wrapped and heated cut into slices at the party
                mini calzones
                chinese raviolis - on the same line as a potsticker, without the pleats.

              2. summer rolls
                pigs in a blanket
                beggar's purses
                tortilla pinwheels
                mini omusubi

                1. Great ideas already out there. I'd just add two :

                  Moroccan B'stilla Cigars
                  Thai summer rolls (it's a soft wrapper, not fried)

                  (Or you could make whatever you want, stick it in a box, and tie it up with a ribbon. Wrapped.)

                  1. Thanks for all the great ideas! It's going to be hard to pick one!

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                      Tortilla wraps

                      Spread tortillas ( flavor of your choice) with cream cheese
                      Sprinkle with sliced black olives, jalapenos to taste, sliced green onions
                      Overlap 3 or 4 thin ham slices to cover tortilla and roll up tightly
                      Chill and slice

                    2. easiest one I know, dress some rocket with a little evoo, salt, pepper and balsamic, add shaved parmesan, wrap in bresaola.
                      Although one event I go to has delicious prosciutto wrapped bits of chicken breast. The event is normally pretty boring - but the nibbles...

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                      1. I like to do a vegetarian nori roll.
                        Use mixed greens as the base instead of rice, julliene of cucumber, avocado, peppers, green onion & make a sauce with grated carrots, sesame oil, a touch of tahini, soy, garlic & whatever else your litlle heart desires. You could add fish, shrimp or even tofu if you like. Light, refreshing & easy.

                        1. How about wrapping tater tots in bacon and frying them up?

                          1. Depending on how you define "wrapped" - gougeres (made savory with a bit of sharp-ish cheese blended into the dough before baking) as the "wrap" for crab/chicken/egg salad. Garnish with a ribbon of spring onion or leek (green part blanched and shocked).