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Apr 26, 2007 03:07 PM

my favorite fries in pasadena


perfectly salted, and consistently excellent.

(background of what i like in a fry: i prefer softer to crispy; i hate thin hard fries or crunchy fries (usually just means old or sitting under heatlamp too long). i like thicker fries and to have soft potato squeeze out or be squeezable out of fry.)

there are others i like in pasadena, but those are my favorite

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  1. I'll second that! I was there last night and I almost got a side order of fries with our meal but I decided to be good (trying to watch the carbs). But every other time I'm there, I'll get the fish and chips. Of course, gotta eat some fries on the drive home, but a little dangerous since they're hot out of the fryer, but I can't resist.

    1. Hmm, Gerlach's eh? That's an interesting choice.

      I think my first place for fries in the Pasadena area would be at Hi-Life Burgers.

      Hi-Life Burgers
      1326 Fair Oaks Ave
      South Pasadena
      (626) 799-5401

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        a quick look online and it seems that people go here for the chili chese fries - are those also the ones that are your favorite?

        1. re: mr mouther

          I know you were not asking me, but Hi-Life's chili cheese fries are near the top of my list too (well done, of course!).

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            Yup. Plus, I like the chili cheese fries drizzled with a bit of ranch dressing, gives it that bit of extra tangy kick.

            Plain ones are good too.

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              They have REALLY good ranch there. Also, Tops has good ranch (maybe even better) - and good CCF as well. I get some of those small hot chilis that they offer and squeeze the juice from those on top of the chili cheese fries! Pure chewing excitement!! ;-)

        2. Hmm, have to give it a try; but my current favorite would be Magnolia's on Lake. 3 kinds of fries (regular, thick-cut yukon gold, sweet potato) with 3 kinds of dips (bbq ranch, chili honey, aioli) ~ doesn't hurt that it's half-priced during happy hours either.


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            I was just going to add that... those sweet potato ones save me a trip to Father's Office.

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              Doesn't hurt that there's a happy hour going on either.

              1. re: mc michael

                oh yes, i've never been any day outside of monday. and i like how they're totally comfortable with their happy hour and encouraging of it (whereas some other places i've been-- la maschera ristorante, cough, cough-- will first try to pass off their regular menu to you unless you specifically remind them that their website lists it as happy hour...)

            2. I like Connal's. Yeah they're just frozen potatoes but they use a decent brand with plenty of nice long fries, they cook them properly and season them just right.


              1. ask me a this question a year ago, and I would have had a completely different answer. However, my hands-down (new) fave are the sweet potato fries appetizer at Mike and Anne's in S. Pas. OMG amazing