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Apr 26, 2007 03:00 PM

Different ethnic recs??? not ethopiean, indian, korean, Lebanese, etc.. SOMETHING DIFFERENT! please help

I want to try something different and ethnic tonight, i've already had Ethiopian , Indian, Greek, Cuban, Thai, etc etc etc. someone help.

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  1. How about Moroccan? The tasting menu at Tagine is wonderful.

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      I keep forgetting to go there--I've been meaning to go there forever-thanks!

    2. perhaps a little bit of Tibet in Pasadena ...

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Actually, it's more like "equilibrium burger," which would not be the strangest thing I've seen at restaurants in Germany!
          Too bad. I'd love to think L.A. could have a Liechtensteinhaus. I'd go!

        2. Cambodian (Battambang Seafood) in San Gabriel - I've not been personally, but have been wanting to try something different too.

          Our favorite ethnic is Afghani (Azeen's) in Old Pasadena. Its cuisine is similar to Indian, but worlds apart in other ways.

          El Caserio (Siilverlake?) - Ecuadorian

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            socalgtpi -- how is the bulani at Azeen's? I've only had Afghani in Fremont (biggest Afghani population in the US), and the first place I went to had incredible bulani.

            1. re: Evan G

              We usually get the bulanee-e-katchalu (forgive the spelling) & it's one of our favorite appetizers! It has a crisp (almost wonton wrapper like) outside and well seasoned potatoes & lamb filling. I'm pretty sure that they also have the traditional leek/scallion filling bulanee, but the huuby prefers the katchalu, so that's what we get. I also really like the yogurt sauce & the cilantro/jalapeno sauce for dipping/spreading. I've only tried Afghani at one other place (The Helmand in SF), but we prefer Azeen's!

            2. re: socalqtpi

              I second Cambodian. Battambang has good food but its cambodian/chinese. You want something truely authentic? Order the Prahok, its made from pickled fish, roasted garlic and some other stuff. Or order the broiled mudd head fish with the bitter seed sauce.

            3. Indonesian at Indo Cafe on 4th in Alhambra
              Cambodian at New Paradise in Long Beach - Anaheim St.
              Polish at Polka on Verdugo in Eagle Rock
              Kazahkstanian (or however you want to spell it, I'm too lazy to look it up) on Sunset at La Brea or Highland.
              African at Ngoma Restaurant on Wilshire at Detroit - West, South, East African
              I wish there was some Portuguese, but there isn't.
              Peruvian, lots of places, these days I'm partial to Los Balcones Del Peru on Vine just south of Sunset.
              Hungarian - can't recall the names, there's a place on Melrose in Hollywood and on Ventura in Studio City
              That's all I've got off the top of my head at the moment. Good luck.

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                Unfortunately the Hungarian place in Studio City (Hortobagy) is out of business. Only Csardas on Melrose remains.

                That reminds me of Polish (Warszawa) in Santa Monica or Russian (Uzbekistan or Traktir in Hollywood).

                1. re: socalqtpi

                  I think Uzbekistan is what I was thinking of as Kazhakstan. I haven't been there but I've heard it's pretty good.