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Apr 26, 2007 02:58 PM

Update on Cappuccino Brownies/Cupcakes at Delessio - San Francisco

It had been a while since I'd had a cappuccino brownie mini cupcake at DeLessio on Market St, so I went there today to buy two cupcakes, one for me and one for my co-worker.

There's good news and bad news:

The bad news is that DeLessio is no longer making the cappuccino brownie mini cupcake. They have a few new kinds it seems, but none look too exciting compared to other options. Which brings me to the good news:

For $2.98 they are offering large, square cappuccino brownies. These are the same food as the cupcakes, but square instead of round, and probably close to 3 times as big as a cupcake! So basically, they have tripled the size of this amazing dessert, but only doubled the cost. I bought one and my coworker and I shared it. I don't think I would even be able to eat a whole one by myself.

The brownie is super fudgy and rich, the cappuccino frosting is smooth and creamy and the cinnamon merengue was fluffy and light. There was a lot of merengue too, since you can fit a lot more merengue on a square brownie than on a mini cupcake. It's a matter of geometry really. If there is a circle with diameter X and a square with length 2X and both have a half sphere on top of them with radius of 0.5X, what is the relationship between the volumes of the two half spheres......maybe someone wants to figure this out.

So overall, I would venture to say that this is the best dessert I have had in San Francisco, certainly for the price. Go try it.

Dave MP

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  1. "If there is a circle with diameter X and a square with length 2X and both have a half sphere on top of them with radius of 0.5X, what is the relationship between the volumes of the two half spheres......maybe someone wants to figure this out."

    The volume of a sphere (and hence, a hemisphere) is only dependent on the radius. A hemisphere of radius 0.5X would have volume = (2/3)*(pi)*(0.5X)^3 = (pi)*(1/12)*X^3. But that is the same volume for both cases you mentioned, since the half spheres appear to have the same dimensions in both cases. If we're looking at the ratios of the cupcake volume to the brownie volume, you'd have to let us know more information, like -- is the brownie roughly a cube? Maybe I just misread this.

    Anyway, the brownie sounds awesome. I think I will just have to go try it.. you know, to measure them, and "gather data" :-)

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    1. re: shortexact

      Hmm, I just did the math problem, I guess it didn't make sense before.

      The radius of the cupcake was 1 inch. Meanwhile, the length of the square brownie is 4 inches, so if you put a circle on top of it, the diameter would be 4 and the radius would be 2. So the radius has doubled.

      The volume of a hemisphere is (2/3)(pi)(r)^3

      So for a 1 inch radius (the cupcake), the volume is 2/3(pi)

      For the brownie, a 2 inch radius hemisphere, the volume is 16/3(pi)

      So basically there is 8 times as much merengue on the brownie! And since the brownie costs only twice as much as a cupcake, you get 4 times the merengue for your money.

      I think you should definitely try it....this math problem is much better when you can, as you say, 'gather the data' directly.

      Dave MP

      1. re: Dave MP

        P.S. This problem assumes that the merengue is actually a hemisphere, which it isn't. It's actually just a dome. So I've exaggerated here to make the math problem simpler. Domes are much harder to figure out. Better to just enjoy the dessert.

        1. re: Dave MP

          Yeah, to do a dome, we'd have to start calling upon the formulas for the volume of a spherical cap. I always forget those off the top of my head, and so re-deriving them would require calculus I don't really feel like doing right now =)

          Anyway, sounds tasty, and also like it'd be a great item to have a buddy along to share with, as they seem like very hefty brownies.

    2. the bad news is that Delessio at Broderick and Oak Street doesn't offer your large, square cappuccino brownie...the good news is the $1.50 mini cupcake of the Midnight Chocolate variety.
      today's new discovery: chocolate buttercream $6.95 lb.
      - I love the Morning Buns at Faletti's.

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      1. re: Cynsa

        Ugh, math problems ... my brain just isn't ready for those after a whole morning of lecture on financial accounting. Anyway, I did get to try Delessio's mini cappuccino brownie cupcake at the Market Street location. I am not a big fan of cupcakes, but since I have heard rave reviews about Delessio's cupcakes and they were only $1.50 each, I decided to give it a try. Besides, the cupcake was described as a "cappuccino mousse on a chocolate brownie with cinnamon meringue," so technically it isn't really a cupcake.

        I ate the "cupcake" the day after I got it, but the brownie was still moist, chocolatey and fudgey, with a slight crispy and crinkly top, which I loved very much. The cappuccino buttercream frosting had dried out, but it was still creamy inside and was not too sweet. You could really taste a hint of coffee and I thought the proportion of frosting was just right. I loved the slightly toasted and golden brown cinnamon meringue too (yah, I'm like enjoying every part of the cupcake): it was soft, light and marshmallowy, with a slight crunch and not an overwhelming amount of cinnamon. The meringue was topped with a coffee bean.

        Even though I had the cupcake for breakfast (oops!), I didn't find it too rich. With a cup of morning coffee, the portion was just right. I also loved the cute mini take-out box they put the cupcake in. I would definitely have it again or try Delessio's other cupcakes if I happen to be in the area. I didn't see the large cappuccino brownies on sale when I was there; have they decided to bring back the cupcake and not to offer the brownies?

        Here are photos of Delessio's tray of mini cupcakes, the mini cappuccino brownie cupcake in the box, and out of the box with a slightly messed up meringue (from all that traveling.)

        1. re: dreamsicle

          Hmm, interesting that they had the cupcakes again instead of the larger brownie. I last had this about 3 weeks ago, at which point they were still doing the brownies (no cupcakes). I guess I don't really care which shape they are, they're good no matter what.