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Apr 26, 2007 02:33 PM

Russian place on Poway Rd.? (San Diego)

I was lunching at Pho Tu Do (in the strip mall next to Buga Korean BBQ) with my boss and the woman at the next table suddenly started talking to us about Russian food. She said she had immigrated from Russia and the most authentic food she's had is from a little place in Poway. I could swear she said Poway Rd. I don't think it's a sit-down place, but rather a deli-esque place.

I didn't have paper/pen on me to write down the name of the place and now I'm scrambling to remember it. Has anyone heard of such a place?

Side note: Pho Tu Do serves pretty good Vietnamese. The prices are slightly higher, but their bun bo hue (spicy pork/lemongrass soup noodles) is really good. One thing to try is appetizer A4, the banh beo. Little steamed rice flour patties topped with pinches shrimp-flavored pork fat (it's like the Vietnamese version of bacon bits), fried lard (I scrape that off), and scallions. Served with sweetened nuoc nam and green chilies. I find the best dish there is the broken rice plate with grilled shrimp (com tam tom nuong)... they are generous with the shrimp (grilled with lemongrass). The broken rice plates are "choose your own adventure" with the first item + rice being a flat rate of $5.75 and any additional item at a specific price. I start with the shrimp and occasionally add cha (Vietnamese quiche).

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  1. I know there is one in La Jolla that has a good selection of russian products, more like a deli.

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      it is on Regent's Park Road.....sounds like Poway Rd.

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        Thanks, Ela. I know which one you're talking about... the one in the same plaza as Einstein's Bagels, Starbucks, and L&L's, right? I was there yesterday and was tempted to drop into the deli. However, the woman at Pho Tu Do specifically said Poway... what I can't remember is whether she said Poway Road or Poway, in general.

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          That's the one... on Poway Road there's Northpark produce that has some deli stuff like Feta but mostly veggies. It is the same as the Northpark location.

    2. I think you are looking for this shop:

      I haven't visited it yet.

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