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Apr 26, 2007 02:14 PM

Todd English's Tuscany - Mohegan Sun

There are some old comments on this restaurant, none of them offering much praise, nonetheless I'll be dining at Tuscany next weekend for dinner. Has anyone been there recently who would be able to recommend some good dishes (are there any that I should avoid)?

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  1. it's what you might think it is. This factory is over the top, casino priced redux of some of his goto dishes. This type of cuisine is Todd's so called forte and it's all good, but it's so commercialized and much worse dining experience than his charlestown/Boston spots. It lost that personal touch for me. And WHOA - when you don't put prices on the menu, that's a bit too pretentious for me.

    Diatribe over. The two way lamb is terrific and you should order

    1. I enjoy the other Italian restaurant - Caesar and Pompeii - much more. When I ate at Tuscany I couldn't figure out why Todd English was a big name chef - it was mediocre at best

      1. I think you may have already dined, but if you haven't and you have the option, for the money, I have enjoyed better meals for a lower price at the Summer Shack in Mohegan. Now, entirely diff. style of food. And I don't like all Summer Shacks, this is the only one I like, and that has consistently wowed me. I agree with ElizabethHenton and cheesey in being underwhelmed the two times I dined at Tuscany.

        1. Went with a group last summer, I recall that we were all more impressed with the appetizers and the pizza than the entrees. Make a meal out of those if you can!

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              Order the pork time you need to re-sole your shoes you'll be all set.

              I must have ordered ther wrong apps... this restaurant required me to find a new definition to the words "dining experience"...

          1. The original comment has been removed