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Apr 26, 2007 02:10 PM


Ate dinner there last night. Great menu with 12 or more small plates, all of which looked great and a nice selection of big plates and ceviche. I had tamales, tacos and torta from the appitizer section and all 3 were awesome. Girlfriend had fish entree and loved it. She is a strict dieter and this is one of a very few mexican places you can eat well and not consume 2000 calories. Charlie, one of the owners, came by and made sure everything was good. Great guy, great place for upscale and traditional mexican food. Only thing missing was dessert, which they ran out of by the time we finished. Its my new favorite mexican place in dallas.

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  1. Ate there last weekend for dinner based on all the excellent reviews on a former post. I have to say I was underwhelmed. Tried the tamale and one of the ceviches (we had ordered the tropical mahi mahi one with mango and received a shrimp with pineapple that was not listed on the menu instead). Cannot say that either was a standout dish. The entrees that we ordered were also just ok also. I had the halibut which I found to be slightly overcooked. The most disappointing aspect of the meal though was the salsas that we were served. We supposedly received 2 different salsas (one mild and one hot) but they both tasted fairly similarly bland. While I was happy with the prices on the menu, the food did not deliver.

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      Tried it today for lunch. I have mixed feelings about the food.

      I agree with Bhutani about the salsas. They were fresh, but both were on the bland side and the "Spicy" one had no real heat. I'm surprised, since the last time I had the salsa at Avila's (same owner), my mouth was on fire for hours.

      I ordered the vermicelli soup to start. I was quite disappointed. The soup was 90% pasta and tasted like Campbell's tomato soup with noodles and an avocado on top.

      I really came to try the Ceviche - one of my favorite dishes. They are a steal for lunch at $4.25 for a surprisingly large serving. There were 5 Ceviche's on the menu, but they only had three available. One was made with meat. The meat one was a tad unusual - a bit too much lime made it very sour and there was an usual spice (oregano maybe?) that didn't seem to fit. The Traditional Ceviche with whitefish was excellent as was one made with shrimp, orange, pineapple, and jicama. I was worried that it might be too sweet, but is was just right. All the fish was fresh and didn't have a "fishy" taste or smell.

      One thing I noticed about all the Ceviches- the meat was tender, but it seemed like maybe these were lightly steamed or blanched. They did not have the texture of being cooked solely by limes/lemons. Not a big deal - I'll be back for them again.

      Also ordered a shredded chicken Chile Relleno. It wasn't battered or fried (YAY!), but it could have been better. The chicken was dry and overly salted without too much flavor. It was also topped with goat cheese, which happens to be one of the few foods I really just don't like. The beans and rice were good, but nothing special.

      I will be back for more Ceviche and maybe try another dish or two....

    2. Had a great lunch there recently. I tried the pork sopa, shrimp ceviche, shredded chicked chile relleno. The shrimp ceviche was a little boring. It tasted as though the shrimp had been already in the marinade before we ordered it but, it wasnt tough. The pork sopa may have been my favorite item. The meat was very tender and flavorful. Next time I will try the brisket. The relleno was good too. It didnt have any breading, which I like. The chicken was tender and flavorful too. The sauce was just ok, not very exciting. The beans and rice that accompanied it were good to. There was no grease or pork flavor in the beans. The service was attentive and friendly. The atmosphere is ok. It is much more upscale than Avilla's. Great prices at lunch. I dont think anything was over $8.00.

      1. I had lunch there last week. As a big fan of Avilla's, I was looking forward to this first visit. The chips were served with 2 salsas as others have mentioned, that I thought were very similar. One was mild and the other had moderate heat that grew on the palate in due time. I wish they would serve a tomitillo salsa or possibly a smoked pepper based sauce, something like Taco Diner, at least for some variety. Anyway the hotter salsa was quite good.

        I ordered the shrimp ceviche, ("tropical style" is how they were making it that day according to the waiter with pineapple and jimica, $4.25 at lunch) and was presented a mound atop a crispy tortilla on an approximately 6" x 6" plate. I admit I usually don't order ceviche, but this "Antojitos" (individual appetizer) was very clean and fresh. The crispy tortilla added a nice crunchy texture. The dish was presented with 2 orange wedges and a slice of lime, all of which I squeezed atop the dish. It is served with 2 sauces in shaker bottles. But the sauces were a bit too thick for the opening of the dispenser, so I can't report on their benefit, but they looked interesting. Maybe next time (and there will be a next time) I'll unscrew the top of the dispenser and go wild.

        I ordered the brisket tacos ($5.95 at lunch). The tacos (served with whole pintos and rice) came as I was only half way through the cevichie, but they were quite warm and they were still warm when I finished the cerviche. My only criticism with the tacos and the beans is I thought they were just a touch over salted. But it was a minor infraction.

        The decor was nice and simple with high backed booths which would be condusive to a casual business lunch. There is underground parking available and soon they will have valet service [ :^( not a fan of valet]. A word of caution, if you park underground and have a low ground clearance vehicle, expect to scrape the bottom of your car as you exit the rather steep slope.

        Concluding, I'd say Tradicion is quite the find, especially for lunch, as some of the dishes it shares with Avilla's are priced several dollars cheaper than it's Maple Avenue cousin.

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          Went there last night with the family . . . 4 yr old daughter had the vermicelli soup. . . she loved it, but I must concur with Webra1 that it's pretty much Campbell's soup with overcooked noodles . . . avoid it unless you have a 4 yr old in tow. Wife and I split guacamole appetizer (nicely done with hot tortillas), seafood ceviche (outstanding . . . as good as the one served at cafe San Miguel sans the jalapeno peppers . . .also a total steal at $4.25 given how much they give you) and the sea bass mojo de ajo entree (beautiful piece of fish cooked to perfection but the mojo de ajo sauce - was lacking flavor). Atmosphere on a Monday night at 6:45pm was understandeably quiet. I still prefer Cafe San Miguel given the combo of creative food and atmosphere but I'll be back at Tradicion to have more ceviche . . . it's arguably the city's best.