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Apr 26, 2007 02:00 PM

Best Carrot Cake (Boston/Cambridge/Somerville)

Looking for a bakery that does an exceptional carrot cake...thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm sure it isn't what you had in mind but I rather like the carrot cake ice cream cake from JP Licks.

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      1. re: drboom

        i LOVE carrot cake...its actually the only kind of cake i eat these days (well, other then ice cream cake).

        We did get a sheet carrot cake for my b-day a few months ago from Rita's Catering in Everett....possible one of the best cakes around....i had the left overs for breakfast lunch and dinner for a few days!! EXCELLENT. very moist, perfect amount of yummy frosting!
        my mouth is watering jut thinking of it!

      2. Pemberton Farms makes a really great classic carrot cake. I also love the carrot cake loaf at Formaggio Kitchen.

        1. Outside of my wife's kitchen, I have yet to find *my* place for carrot cake around Boston.

          Having said that, I find that both the Modern in the North End (and Medford) and Lyndell's in Ball Square, Somerville do some pretty tasty old school versions.

          Milk Street Cafe makes a good one as well, but you may need to call ahead to order.

          1. Hoffs Bakery on Sixth Street in Medford makes a delicious carrot cake. They also make a delicious cheesecake. I usually get a large cheesecake with 3 toppings (blueberry,cherry and strawberry). You can view their website at

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