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Best Carrot Cake (Boston/Cambridge/Somerville)

Looking for a bakery that does an exceptional carrot cake...thanks!

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  1. I'm sure it isn't what you had in mind but I rather like the carrot cake ice cream cake from JP Licks.

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      i LOVE carrot cake...its actually the only kind of cake i eat these days (well, other then ice cream cake).

      We did get a sheet carrot cake for my b-day a few months ago from Rita's Catering in Everett....possible one of the best cakes around....i had the left overs for breakfast lunch and dinner for a few days!! EXCELLENT. very moist, perfect amount of yummy frosting!
      my mouth is watering jut thinking of it!

    2. Pemberton Farms makes a really great classic carrot cake. I also love the carrot cake loaf at Formaggio Kitchen.

      1. Outside of my wife's kitchen, I have yet to find *my* place for carrot cake around Boston.

        Having said that, I find that both the Modern in the North End (and Medford) and Lyndell's in Ball Square, Somerville do some pretty tasty old school versions.

        Milk Street Cafe makes a good one as well, but you may need to call ahead to order.

        1. Hoffs Bakery on Sixth Street in Medford makes a delicious carrot cake. They also make a delicious cheesecake. I usually get a large cheesecake with 3 toppings (blueberry,cherry and strawberry). You can view their website at www.hoffsbakery.com.

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          1. I'll probably get strung up for mentioning it, but cheesecake factory's carrot cake is excellent (and bloody huge). Very moist and tastes better slightly cooled. When I get a slice, I end up nibbling on it for close to a week :-)

            The only one better than that I've ever found is a modified epicurious recipe I use, but it's more a spice cake.

            1. Hmmm, Lyndell's is right nearby, might have to do a taste test! Has anyone tried the versions from Flour or Rosie's? Thanks!

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                I was just going to put my vote in for Flour's one - cake base is not too spicy, very moist. Good balance of cream cheese frosting and cake. Best, I think, at room temperature when frosting has had time to warm up a bit. On the top is a curl of glaceed carrot. Mmm...

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                  agreed... flour makes a kick-ass carrot cake. i brought one to my sister's house for dessert 2 years ago and they still talk about it! the cream-cheese frosting is out of this world...

              2. I know that many will turn up their noses, but Costco's carrot cake is REALLY good. The frosting is maybe a tad sweet for some, but, especially if you have to feed a crowd, it's great! They'll decorate it as you wish, or with little frosting carrots that make it easy to cut and serve.

                1. Quebrada Bakery in Cambridge(?Somerville??) (I go to the one in Wellesley) has a really delicious carrot cake.

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                    Quebrada's outlet over here is in Arlington.

                  2. Two more I'll add that I haven't yet tried, but both of which looked really good, around Central Square:

                    Carberry's - terrific looking carrot cupcakes topped with a nice mound of cream cheese frosting and carrot-shaped icing.

                    Whole Foods - available in a smaller and a larger size. Looked like a very good, traditional version.