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Apr 26, 2007 01:54 PM

Best use of good feta in a main dish

I just picked up a beautiful hunk of feta at a specialty Middle Eastern food store. It's a very creamy, flavorful sheep's milk feta.

I usually use feta in its generic forms in omelets, pastas, etc.

What's a good way to feature my good feta in a main dish tonight?

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  1. Make the classic baked shrimp with feta & tomato sauce found in every Greek restaurant...easy to make & so, so delicious!

    1. I would serve it as an after dinner cheese course/dessert, drizzled with lavendar honey. Serve it with toasted bread rounds.

      Here's a recipe to give you the general idea:

      1. I get great French feta that is from sheep's milk and is lovely and creamy. My local Middle Eastern Store has a nice variety. Not harsh or overly salty. My daughter loves it on pita with zaatar and olive oil. I love it just plain or with some good extra virgin olive oil drizzled over it. I'm not a fan of cooked feta.

        1. I use feta when I make Greek-ish pizza - crust, artichoke hearts, pesto, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, parmesan cheese. My vegetarian daughters love it.

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          1. One of my favorite dishes is seared feta and grilled chicken over a angel hair pasta light tomoato sauce and drizzeled basil. I have also had it on top of fried tortilla wedges.

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              Dice sweet tomatoes, slice fresh basil leaves and crumble the feta cheese. Toss the mixture and season with salt and pepper. Cook linguini, and with a small amount of the cooking water left in the pasta, toss the feta mixture into the hot pasta with olive oil until the feta begins to melt.