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Dinner in Woodbridge VA

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Travelling un I-95 next week, staying at the Hampton Inn on Annapolis Way.Anything in the neighborhood that's good? I prefer not to eat at chain restaurants.

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  1. I stayed at that very Hampton Inn about two months ago for a conference in D.C. Honestly, I ended up going to the nearby Carrabba's, but here's where I would've gone had I not been so spoiled on North Carolina BBQ:

    Dixie Bones BBQ (Top 100 in Washingtonian Magazine) http://www.washingtonian.com/restaura...

    1. You're close enough to DC to try anything there, unless you're wanting to check in first, then go out. Get a good map to Dixie Bones. It's decent. If you're from the south you might be let down, though.