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Apr 26, 2007 01:06 PM

10th Wedding Aniversary

Need help on finding a nice restaurant to take my my wife to for our tenth wedding anniversary. I am on a budget of Max $100.00 for the both of us. I am a little tired of the Italian seen. Any body out there have any suggestions on a romantic restaurant on Melrose that's romantic and that is not Italian????

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  1. If it doesn't absolutely have to be on Melrose then I suggest going to Celadon on 3rd St. just barely west of Fairfax. Really beautiful interior space and quite inventive and delicious Asian fusion food. They advertise it as small plates but even the appetizers were good sized when we went. I am sure you could get out for $100 for the two of you, (depending of course on the size of your appetites for food and drink) with tip on top of that amount.

    You can book your table through Open Table if you like.

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      I have been wanting to try a restaurant on 3rd street. It seems that a few have been popping up over their as of late. Have you tried any other restaurants on 3rd st. going closer to Robertson blvd?

      1. re: Timabruin

        How about Tasca? We have not been but have heard some nice things about it from friends.

    2. The sunday supper at Lucques is a good value for the quality, and within your budget before alcohol.