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Apr 26, 2007 12:18 PM

Pita Shack @ 16th & Chancellor?

I think this is what it's called. It's in the space where a few Italian restaurants have come and gone - a few buildings away from Bellini. This looks like a quick/casual Middle Eastern spot. Anyone know anything about it/can recommend it? Thanks!

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  1. it's called Pita Pocket Grille. i grabbed a falafel for lunch one was only ok. the people were really nice though. maybe some of the other menu items are better?

    1. I've been there a couple of times, and for $5 you get a loaded falafel sandwich, fries and the salad bar. Great? No. Good enough? Hell, yeah.

      Probably try the chicken shawarma next time.

      They also have chicken hearts and chicken livers, but I'm not into offal

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        for an awesome felafel sandwich, thanks to this board for helping me to do my research, i'm going to have to go with mama's, hands down. locations at 6th and south, and 20th and market-ish (half block south). the latter is all vegetarian. the felafel is so good at both locations it could make me cry. at the 6th and south location, i usually get the felafel/hummus/tahini platter. it's a joy to watch the owner prepare it.