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Apr 26, 2007 12:16 PM

Saturday Night With The Boys? bachelor type thing..

Three of us buddies are getting together Saturday night for dinner...

We're doing a ball game during the day.

Does anyone have any suggestions for something unique and memorable for dinner besides the steakhouse?

I've researched all day on steakhouses... seems harbour 60, barberians and house of chan would be fun and great food...

Just thought we'd ask for any other recommendations..

We're crashing at the intercontinental..

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  1. Ki
    Beer Bistro
    Ultra Supper Club

    My humble suggestions.

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    1. re: thenurse

      Thank you. All those places look great...

    2. I've never been but the Acadamy of Spherical Arts looks really great.

      I've read that pool and drinks are great. Food not so much.

      I'm dying to go. Just haven't made it yet.


      1. Laide on Adelaide at Jarvis. Small, good food and old b&w lesbo porn projected on the wall.

        1. Food is so-so at Lobby but it is quite a "scene" on the weekend and is right beside your hotel.

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          1. re: tasoid

            Lobby and Ultra are probably best to hang with the beautiful people. KiWe on King has a hip crowd and decent food, and after you can wander to any of the 20 lounges within a stone's throw from there. Spherical Arts is nice looking but lame, and Laide screams bachelorette party or date place IMHO.

            1. re: dlw88

              Thanks diw88 could not have said it any better myself!!!

              1. re: tasoid

                I think between thenurse, and diw88 you've got some great feedback.

                - Sopra, at Avenue and Davenport is cool (jazz bar/restaurant). I'm not sure whether it would feel too "date-y"??
                - The Fifth is a little scene-y, but kind of interesting too... especially if you can sit outside.
                - Rodney's Oyster Bar (with Crush and lots of other good spots in the 'hood for after dinner drinks)??

          2. How about Le Select friends say the food and atmosphere is great...might be a little more lively than Harbour 60/ would think you would like some girls around to make the night fun!

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            1. re: redhead

              The ones provided by thenurse look really cool....