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Brunch in San Diego Beach Area

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Any recs for a la carte brunch in the La Jolla, Del Mar or other area beach areas? Kid friendly (3 aqnd 5 year old) is a plus. Thanks!

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  1. this place is in pacific beach and would be perfect for your kids...one block from beach :>))


    1. Gringo’s is nice, but it is a buffet.

      For an “a la carte” brunch in the areas you asked about:

      Jake’s and Poseidon are both beach front in Del Mar.
      Crab Catcher and Azul are in La Jolla Cove with nice views.
      You also might want to consider the Beach House or Chart House in Cardiff (also beach front).

      I’m sure all the restaurants will be friendly to your kid.

      This site might help:


      1. Beach Grass Cafe in Solana beach is nice and they have a small eating area outside. Very interesting menu... in a good way. It is small and busy so i would get there early. Americana in Del Mar also has a fantastic breakfast.

        1. best breakfasts:
          Cantina Panaderia in Pacific Beach
          Mission Coffee Cup in La Jolla (same menu as Cantina Panaderia)
          The Cottage
          Americana in Del Mar
          Pacifica Breeze Cafe in Del Mar

          Mission Coffee Cup and Pacifica Breeze have outdoor seating and you can bring your dogs.

          The Beach House in Cardiff has feh food. Average, not very creative food for not cheap prices. Gets away by having beachfront views.

          1. Have you thought about Brockton Villa in La Jolla. Limited menu with maximum view of the ocean at the cove.

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              Brockton Villa's food is mediocre. The only thing that is worth eating is the Coast Toast and their granola/yogurt crepe. They get away by being on the water, much like The Beach House in Cardiff. However, if you HAVE to see water while you're eating, the food is passable.

            2. We live in Del Mar and sometimes walk down to the beach for a leisurely breakfast or brunch. We also have two kids (ages 8 and 13).

              Our favorites are: Americana (good, more creative brunch-y offerings with quality ingredients), Poseidon (very mediocre for most meals, but they do decent breakfast stuff and it is the only local place that can seat you practically on the beach - outdoors on a deck, overlooking the waves), Pacifica Breeze cafe in the plaza (although usually the wait is pretty long and I haven't found that the food is that spectacular that we're willing to wait), Stratford Court cafe (little hidden place on 13th Street between Camino Del Mar and Stratford Court with no inside seating, only a deck with casual seating. Everyone brings dogs and kids can roam around...place your order at the window and they deliver when ready. Yummy baked goods, Americanized breakfast burritos, waffles, good salads and sandwiches,etc).

              We actually prefer to get in the car when we feel like it, and go down to Ocean Beach, where our favorite breakfast place is The Village Kitchen on the main drag in OB (can't recall the name of the street). Some of us choose delicious the classic American breakfasts while my husband satisfies his craving for their outstanding Mexican specials, and then afterwards we can wander down to the OB pier and then spend some time shuffling in and out of the antiques places (probably not the first choice for our kids, but they're starting to enjoy checking out the cool stuff). Great way to spend a Sunday morning. It's a very kid-friendly place with lots of families always in there. They have a few big booths, especially one in the front window shaped in a semi-circle where we like to sit with our kids.

              Have fun!