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Apr 26, 2007 11:49 AM

Jaspers is now open in the Domain

For those of you in north Austin, Jaspers is now open in the Domain. Two folks I work with went there for lunch yesterday and both had the 'Kobe' Burger for $15.00 (not real Kobe beef, but they still charge $4.00 more than for their regular buger, which was $11.00) .

They both enoyed it.

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  1. So, did they ask why, if it's not "real" Kobe beef, they charged $4 more?

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    1. re: amysuehere

      I asked the same thing ... it is supposedly the same quality as Kobe but can't be called Kobe because it is not from Japan.

      1. re: judiftx1

        Wagyu (sp?) is the American Variety of Kobe beef. It is the same breed of cattle that produces Kobe beef and the same techniques are used to raise wagyu beef (as Kobe)

        Hope that clears that up

      2. re: amysuehere

        Why would anyone want to eat a burger of Kobe or Wagyu beef? It's just wrong grinding that meat into a beef patty.

      3. We went this week and it was SO good. Went for lunch and had the potato chips with Maytag blue cheese.. OMG... it was freaking amazing! Great service (Jim!) and food. We will definately be back!

        1. Went last night for the first time - here's some thoughts/observations:
          1) This place absolutely screams "Dallas", which I guess makes sense since it a) started in Dallas, and b) is located in the Domain. But, just like we used to say Cool River was in "far south Dallas", Jasper's is as well.
          2) Billing themselves as "Gourmet Backyard Cuisine" - they seem to be a more upscale version of Moonshine or El Gringo.

          Regarding the food - I found it to be near-hit and miss. To start things off, my wife and I split the standard house salad, which was good - decent sized (enough for both of us), with pecans and blue cheese. The shallot vinagrette dressing was too vinegary in my opinion, but not to the point where I thought it was bad. However, at $9 for the salad, it's overpriced.

          My wife ordered the Shrimp & Pork Tenderloin Brochette and I went with the Hickory Grilled Flat Iron Steak. First the good: I enjoyed the steak - it wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was good. It was cooked to a medium/medium-rare (which is how I ordered it), and had a definite mild hickory flavor. It was tender, sliced and placed over a spinach-mushroom dish with a (I think) mushroom gravy/sauce. Per the menu, it was supposed to come with scalloped potatoes, but I was served the spinach instead. I didn't mind, since I like spinach and felt it was a healther option - but I was surprised that the wrong side was provided. For $27, though, I've had just as good meals elsewhere for less.

          The brochettes, on the other hand, were disappointing. Shrimp & pieces of pork tenderloin were skewered, grilled and served on a bed of a flavored fried rice. Despite the citrus glaze, the meat was suprisingly flavorless. Additionally, the pork was close to being undercooked. I think the tenderloin would have benefitted from being brined or marinated for a while - as it just really lacked flavor (and wasn't that tender). The rice, however, was pretty good - in fact that was the one part my wife finished off.

          Service was adequate - everything came out on time and together. The manager did come by to check in on us, and the waitress did seem to know the menu, even if I don't think she was originally hired for her waiting skills.

          We ate outside on their patio, which was nice. I did walk around inside and found the place to be visually very modern, but still with lots of wood and subdued colors.

          This is the kind of place that I would go to agin if we were getting together with friends, and the group wanted go here. I liked what I had well enough to eat there again. However, if asked, it wouldn't be the first place I would recommend, and I don't think the food was worth the price.

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          1. re: Ken W

            Your comment about Jasper's being in far south Dallas made me laugh. Having lived in Dallas, I know exactly what you meant.

            Sorry to hear your experience was mediocre. I enjoyed Jasper's in Dallas very much but I notice that you did not eat any of the dishes I regulary ate. Actually, I have never tried any of the things you ate...I wonder if the menu is different?
            If you find yourself there again, I recommend the gouda mac & cz, pork tenderloin with bourbon creamed corn, and the cherry limeade pie.

            1. re: Honey Bee

              I ate dinner at Jasper's about two weeks ago and also had the flat iron steak. I had it cooked medium rare on the advice of the waiter (never ever had that cut before). It came out perfectly cooked and flavorful.

              Mine came with the scalloped potatoes and also haricot verts with some kind of yummy blueberry-balsamic demi-glaze. I thought the potatoes were okay, but not something I'd order purposely as a side. They were lacking something...maybe too much potato and not enough cheese sauce.

              My companion had the prime rib. He thought the meat was excellent but was a little underwhelmed by the baked potato. His plate looked really off-balance: one HUGE cut of meat and one teeny baked potato. If he was on the Adkin's diet, this might've been perfect, but all that meat made for a really strange presentation.

              We had a dessert trio with the fruit buckle, the cherry limeade pie, and the rocky road sandwich. My companion and I both agreed that the fruit buckle and cherry limeade pie were excellent, but the rocky road pie was a bit boring--ice cream sandwiched between chocolate cookies with caramel sauce...we didn't finish that one.

              The ambience is nice, even though we were tucked away in a back corner while several more choice tables were still open in the middle of the restaurant. I had a feeling our seating arrangement was based on how we were dressed; we both work in ultra-casual offices (t-shirt and shorts casual) and met up after work to eat. Our waiter was extremely attentive though and definitely had a very good grasp of the menu.

              1. re: Honey Bee

                I forgot about the Gouda Mac & Cheese - the couple we were dining with ordered that and we all shared. It was very good - rich, creamy, nice firm noodles - the gouda gave it a bit of pungency. I would get that again.

            2. Today the same 2 guys came back raving about the baby back ribs ...said they were the best they have had in many years I am tempted. They serve 1/2 rack at lunch for around $13.00 ....

              1. We started our night with classic martinis which arrived exactly as we ordered them and very cold. Our shrimp and pork tend appetizer was overcooked, but our foccacia was awesome. The wine list had some great options and not as overpriced as some restaurants. Darioush-$89 Our entrees were perfect. The pork tenderloin was medium rare and like butter. The bass was lightly breaded in a lovely buerre blanc. The truffled potatoes were so good that I didn't leave room for dessert. Which is a shame because that menu looked great. Our server, Joe, was attentive and had a sense of humor. My only caution, don't sit anywhere near the patio doors. They slam constantly and are really loud and distracting in a place with soothing color and music.