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Apr 26, 2007 11:38 AM

Anyone been to Charivari in Houston recently?

My friend has decided to treat me to a birthday dinner, my choice of restaurants. She recently went to Charivari and raved about the Red Snapper. I am more interested in the transylvanian items. But after looking at some reviews I'm not so sure. Does anyone know about this place?

My second choice is The Rainbow Lodge on E. T C Jester. Any opinions about them?

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  1. I've had amazing experiences at both places so it really depends on what sort of atmosphere and food you want. Charivari has a real "old world/European" feel and look about it and the food is very formally served and the dishes are all sublime. Even the fresh bread and special butter mixture you get when you arrive is something to be remembered! I can't say enough good things about their food but I think the people that don't like it might be comparing it to more "trendy" or "hip" places and this one is really all about the authentic food and cuisine - not sure but just a guess. The service is also fantastic and I feel they would really go out of their way to please you.
    The Rainbow Lodge has and always will be a favorite of mine but is different from Charivari with the atmosphere and food experience. I love game and exotic meats and I can really get my fix there, and not to mention everthing else. One of my favorite things to do at the Rainbow Lodge is go to one of their Sunday afternoon wine tastings - you can't beat the price or the food and wine.

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      Thanks! From what I gather reading the negative reviews, the unhappy people were not eating the European food. Have you, by chance, had the transylvania pork filets? They sound so good. I am also very intrigued by the Dracula garlic soup.

      Are the sunday wine tastings at Rainbow lodge a regular feature? I looked at their site and didn't see anything about it. I also love game and exotic meats, but my DH is picky, so I sent an email to them about the Sunday Comfort foods they serve. The owner emailed me back and said just ask for whatever you think he will like and they will make it for him! Now that is hands-on service! It's right down the street from us, so we will be going there soon!

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        You will definitely love the Rainbow Lodge, and I think your DH will as well. My fiance is very, very picky as well and even he liked it. I don't think they have the wine tastings every Sunday, but I always find out about them because I registered to be on their email list. They will send you all the upcoming events and believe me, they are all LOVELY and you will like them all. It's just hard to choose one to go to and I wish I could go to them all! They seem to do things on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, but I can't quite figure out the schedule but think it's around once a month. Register if you can, it's worth it! here's where you register:

    2. I go for the schinzel and spatzel at Charvaris. The chef is a master at basic germanic dishes. try the soup also.

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        Have you actually had the schnitzel? Can you get the spaetzle with it, instead of the potatoes? Do you think the transylvanian pork is not so good? What else on the menu is "really" a germanic dish?

        Sorry for so many questions but I want to make the best choice I can, as I know that my DH will not eat there!